Stolen Earth - A Far Cry From Home

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Stolen Earth - A Far Cry From Home

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Stolen Earth
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To me this is a feel good album, with fine musicians delivering the goods
(Updated: October 26, 2014)
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July 08, 2012
This album was send to me, with a kind personal note, from Adam (Electric guitars, 6-12 string acoustic guitars, vocals) and the cover art immediately caught my eye (being a cover art-artist and art freak myself) and music herein is quite suiting or vice versa! This is not prog in the complex and/or heavy sense, this is more like folk rock and that is not a negative thing, these guys and gal, knows their stuff and they don't mind using it! Both musical, instrumental and composition wise, they provide top notch performance! That said, don't expect complex time signatures, thunder chords or dark mystery tales. But what you get, is well delivered and composed music with excellent vocals from Heidi Widdop (yes it is she from Mostly Autumn), backed by fine guitars, bass and drums, no wild excursions..just excellent music in that mentioned genre, the more I hear the more I think: folk rock with a dash of pop..YES that fits the bill fine! Mind you, folk rock pop, that is a positive in my music world!! There are some excellent songs to be had here and for guitar aficionados there many brilliant moments and high flying guitar soli from Adam Dawson, one can truly hear inspiration source from David Gilmour (listen to Perfect Wave, among others)!! To me this is a feel good album, with fine musicians delivering the goods and it is recommended to all friends of modern folk rock, but also to you, whom appreciate beautiful melodic music not caring about niche or genre! My fave tracks are: "Perfect wave"/"Mirror Mirror"/ "Unnatural Disaster"/ Soul In A Jar". Well, go buy this fine outing and find your own favourite tracks, why don't you?! Meanwhile, I think I will listen one more time to this fine album.
1 reviews
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