Sassafras - Expecting Company

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Sassafras - Expecting Company

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This is wonderful rock music done the UK way
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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May 05, 2014
I remember having bought albums by this band, way back. I also remember that I loved to hear their fine bluesrock with their excellent twin guitar play! This particular album, I haven't had the pleasure of hearing. Now its here with brand new sound, re-mastered by way of the always excellent Esoteric Recordings, new booklet essays and of course bonus tracks! I must say that I like what I hear, I love that period of UK rock/blues/with a bit of country rock. These guys have a certain charm about them when they deliver their great music. How can I precise this? Think Wishbone Ash (dual lead guitars de luxe) but also Bronco (remember them?) with that country tendency, add to that the more smooth sounding and/ or even though rare pop like Man (the Welsh masters) there you have it!! Then there are these wonderful vocal harmonies, that you have learned to love when Uk bands really bring forth their magic! Well at least then....way back! I love this album, yes I am fully aware that this is NOT prog, still this is a great album and I must and honestly recommend it to all lovers of great music from times past, they do not make´em like this anymore!! So whats up with that progressive tendency?! Many prog friends likes the music from the past, a contradiction in terms I grant you, still some music of yesteryear makes you smile and rejoice, making you remember times and places in your life! This is wonderful rock music done the UK way, way back then, when times were simpler and inspiration sources had nothing to do with money and / or stupid record company rules!! This fine release holds 2 bonus tracks!! Now...what are you waiting for? Go get it!!

Appendix: Yes I realize that the record companies at that time were stringent and impossible in their demands and greedy as well!! That is water compaired to todays musical contracts!! SASSAFRAS OH YEAH!!!
1 reviews
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