Reasoning, The - Adventures in Neverland

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Reasoning, The - Adventures in Neverland

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Reasoning, The
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I liked their debut better, but hey, it is a matter of taste isn't it?
(Updated: October 23, 2014)
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September 25, 2012
I havent heard the Reasoning since their " Awakening" release ( yes I know) now the band are signed to the fine Esoteric Antenna (Panic Room, Tin Spirit & Sanguine Hum) whom are behind this release. This fine folk progband have an excellent front figure in lead singer Rachel Cohen (Jones) following the tradition of Magenta and before that Fairport Convention & Trees, where great folk tradition were blended with rock, she leads this excellent band through the excursions of their Neverland compositions! This is Reasonings fifth album release and a fine one it is! But...ah there is a BUT.... even though the excellence and brilliant performances of this band, I cant help but feeling a bit ... ahem... dare I say it?!... bored... maybe its me? Maybe this is one of those days? I don't know...but truth be told, this outing didn't touch me that much! Well maybe I need more listening ?! God knows these guys (and gal) have worked for it and add to that, in the personal sphere, they have had some troubles and sorrows on the personal level, band members, colleagues, family, fans and friends alike continue to pray for the safe return of Owain Roberts, guitarist for The Reasoning in recent years, who mysteriously vanished March 10th after going for a stroll that morning in his hometown of Cardigan, located in Mid Wales. My heart goes out to them and heres hoping for a safe return. Back to the music, a fine release and fans of Reasoning will love it, newcomers and friends of Magenta and IO Earth, will wanna try it out! Me I am leaning back waiting for their next release! This release deserves stars for good performances and the band for great delivery and Esoteric Antenna for clear view and their great ear for excellent music and fine bands!! I liked their debut better, but hey, it is a matter of taste isn't it?! I am just a reviewer...what DO I KNOW!?
1 reviews
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