Millenium - Puzzles

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Millenium - Puzzles

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Disc. 1: 45:12 - disc. 2: 45:35

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A good blend of artrock, prog and pop, with excellent musicians delivering the good´s
(Updated: October 19, 2014)
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April 17, 2012
I've heard about Millenium, but never heard them, so I was very excited when this double arrived on my desk! Track 2 (disc 1) " The Tree of knowledge" has an intro theme not unlike that of Deep Purple´s : Child in time. That soon changes into a very varied tune with excellent guitars, despite the origin of this band (Polish) the vocals are in fine English (no accent). "Apple & Snake" boast´s some excellent keyboard (kramarski) and guitar play (Ptonka) and Lukasz´ vocals are fine, though sometimes reciting. The acoustic intro to ballad-like "The Sin" is quite soothing and again Ptonka delivers some excellent guitar playing, at the up-tempo second half the band shines, great stuff !! "Broken rule" an instrumental that works fine, with a little tight bass solo (Wyrma) and seemingly everyone gets a chance to shine! This disc ends with the 9: 20 minute " Everything about her" a Pink Floyd´ish opening, transcending into Millenium ´s own epic track, Great track...great stuff!

Disc 2: "Farewell" great opening with wah guitars (rare these days) a fine tune with Lukasz vocals in good form, synths and band firmly interlocked under the superb guitar work from Ptonka. A wonderful track ;-) . "Ice dreams" a more pop/artrock like tune, fine but no surprises to be had!

"Time is the great healer" a truth with modifications me think, but the song is quite beautiful, with ballad like piano and fine vocals from Lukasz and a towering excellent guitar solo by Ptonka at the end!!! Another instrumental " Puzzled" a sort of soft westcoast tune, not that intriguing, still not that bad! "We try again" a love song as it were, soon growing into a tight tune, Saga comes to mind, though not that complex, still superb guitar work from, you know who!! Last track " Our little Eden" with guest vocals from Sabina Godula-Zajac. A fine track with the dual vocals and orchelstral underlay, more pop than prog, still fine music!! final thought´s this is really a nice outing from Millenium, I wish I had some of their earlier stuff to compare with, alas I don't! A good blend of artrock, prog and pop, with excellent musicians delivering the good´s!

Recommended to all lover s of the above mentioned frequencies and moods! Give it a whirl, why don't you!?
1 reviews
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