Florio, Mike - Arisen

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Florio, Mike - Arisen

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Florio, Mike
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I must say I'm pleasantly surprised with the superb songs (and singing) that this album has to offer
(Updated: October 19, 2014)
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February 20, 2012
Every once in a while something new comes around for us progfreaks to enjoy. Now, on this occasion, new is not as such groundbreaking, but it is new in the sense of refreshing and very well composed and delivered. Arisen is the brainchild of Mike Florio, vocals, keyboards deluxe, and composer of these fine tunes.

And I must say I'm pleasantly surprised with the superb songs (and singing) that this album has to offer. Also I must mention the 3 fabulous "partners in crime" -- Bill Thomas - guitars, Dave Bailey - bass and Steve Golden - drums -- for they are supreme on every tune, backing up Mike. I'm so glad that Mike (himself) approached us in Progplanet, otherwise we may not have heard of him before it was "too late." By that I mean, this guy is one prog artist that we certainly will be hearing more of, no doubt about it! And we Progheads like to be up to date!

He delivers a fine voice and some superb keyplay. And this album deserves to be in many a collection for prog fans that like their music beautiful and well constructed. Try out "Bells For 1827" with the church-like intro, and then Bill Thomas' guitar shines, Mike's voice breaks into the theme (not unlike an Ambrosia theme ... and that's a superlative!)!

Mike's beautiful voice sometimes reminds me of Todd Rundgren's, and at other times that of Saga's singer (Michael Sadler), but mostly he sounds like Mike
and that's a good thing!! I think that Arisen is a very well played, extremely well composed album!!

"Paradise Of Stone" is a great example of the musical delivery I mentioned earlier. Everyone into fine prog/art rock deserves to hear this great album. It's filled with superb music. I simply have to give it top rating!! Hey you guys (Mike especially) this is top notch Progressive/art rock music!! The production is superb, with every instrument and voice clear in the overall picture, and nicely balanced, too.

Isn't it great that good surprises often come unexpected and from new (at least to me) artists. This surprise will stay in my CD player for a long time, that's for sure. For every time I hear this gem, something new pops up on my prog radar. So dear prog/art rock fan go on, spoil yourself, buy this album. It might prove to be the best present you gave yourself this year!!!

Warning!! There is no growling, no speed metal guitars on this album, just beautiful music!!


Bells For 1827 (7:24) / Binary World (5:55) / Fractured (4:38) / Pretending (
4:33) / Media Ride ( 3:38) / Paradise Of Stone (9:09) / Violent Moods ( 6:58)


Mike Florio - keyboards & vocals
Bill Thomas - guitars
Dave Bailey - bass
Steve Golden - drums
1 reviews
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