Low Budget Orchestra - Innerstellar

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Low Budget Orchestra - Innerstellar

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Low Budget Orchestra
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So what you get is very powerful heavy prog music, well written, delivered and produced!
(Updated: October 18, 2014)
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March 21, 2012
LBO hails from Finland (Suomi), this is the third album and hence the name, is a one man band: Mikko Muranen and he plays all instruments/ writes/produces/ arranges and mix all the stuff herein! So, what is it like, this third outing from Mikko?! Well, its quite good actually with the very powerful chords, supported by waves of keys on top of the bass/ drums base, on the intro "Dance Of The Pleiades"! "From Mars To The Stars" that opens with a very good acoustic guitar intro (a hint to "Stairway to heaven" ?) building up, by piano and acoustic guitar chords to the top, entering fuzz loaded chords and quite heavy background, only to settle down again with piano and relaxed background...then a superb guitar solo enters, full tilt and very electric!! Let me tell you right away that Mikko really has a solid grip on the several instruments displayed here! He manages the guitars, that be chords or solo, very well indeed! But also his keyboard work really are great! So what do we have here? Yes it is another instrumental album!! So what? This album is filled with excellent music, as long as you acknowledge the fact that this is without lyrics! The lyric herein is firmly based in the music and that my dear prog friend/reader is really all it takes! That is, when you listen to this album! Which I firmly believe you must!! Not as such new to the instrumental prog community, but rather a nice addition to the friends of said genre, of which I am one!

So what you get is very powerful heavy prog music, well written, delivered and produced! For this old geezer, it was a great listen and I had a happy smile along the way, mind you a smile that comes along every once in a while, when I hear great music!! GET IT!!
1 reviews
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