Lost Kite - Two

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Lost Kite - Two

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Lost Kite
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You get to hear some original music ideas along the way
(Updated: October 18, 2014)
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August 07, 2014
This father & son project, under the moniker LOST KITE, was kindly send to me by Stefan Carlsson (Dad) ..they hail from Sweden and their music are very much in the vein of old school prog, think a bit Van Der Graaf Generator, a bit Genesis (Gabriel Period) a tad Gentle Giant, a tad Pink Floyd from their very acoustic period ( a la soundtrack to "MORE") and a spoonful of Gryphon! Stir and mix and you are almost there! Musically it is a laidback album, with wonderful and beautiful passages, though with brief encounters of darker sound scapes/sequences which makes up for a perfect balance! Between father and son, they play an amazing amount of instruments : Electric 6 string guitars & 12 string guitars, Spanish guitars, Acoustic & 12 string guitars, bass, flute, synths & Electronic drums!! Add to that - they both deliver vocals. It is a nice little album, so much so, that it makes me wanna hear their first outing! If you are into said names and like your prog laidback (no screaming guitars, high pitched vocals and/or thunder chords etc.) then this release just might make your day! It must be a great pleasure working together father and son and by the sound of it they really connect, the result obvious!

I personally think it is wonderful that "new" bands still love and cherish that old school sound, thank you for that, Lost Kite!! May the wind be with you in the future, I for one would love to hear more of this family co operation!

Highly recommended to friends of said genre and fan´s of the names I dropped during this review! So is this copying? No no not at all, these guys are merely true to their musical ear and their deliver superb!

You get to hear some original music ideas along the way, that is, within the frame of old school symphonic prog! If you will pardon the pun, you will love "TWO" too!!

Give it a try, Lost Kite really deserves attention! NOW GO!!
1 reviews
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