Lloyd-Langton´s LLG, Huw - Hard Graft

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Lloyd-Langton´s LLG, Huw - Hard Graft

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Lloyd-Langton´s LLG, Huw
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There is of course plenty of guitars here and some excellent soloing
(Updated: October 18, 2014)
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May 21, 2012
Langton is perhaps best known for his guitar work on over 15 albums by Hawkwind (Space rock masters) albums and also for his work with Widowmaker (2 albums) and several other outings, including solo albums! This is the 2010 release and he doesn't ignore his past influences, as this is very close to the space rock of Hawkwind, still with more melody and a good dash of rock construction! There is of course plenty of guitars here and some excellent soloing, all good and well, in my book! Huw´s voice is an acquired taste (not quite singing but reciting) but I like it! Mind you the main thing here is the guitar work and you get plenty of that, be that soloing, chords or acoustic!! What you also get, is space rock a plenty as the 12 tracks herein, almost entirely is based on the psychedelic space themes, that he knows so well! I need to mention " Hey Mama" which to these trained ears, almost could be a Thin Lizzy tune in Space rock clothes, even Huw´s voice has a Phil Lynott leaning! Great track!! "So Long Too Long" an almost space blues, again with brilliant guitars to the fore! This track has a tight mid section ( whats that? A rap sequence...nah!!) that works wonders! Oh..there are bonus tracks here (actually 3 blues tunes) "So Long baby" is a splendid instrumental acoustic/ slide tune! Excellent track!!

"Slow train A Comin´" again acoustic, slide soloing really showing what a master guitar player Langton is ;-) . "Cowboy Blues" another great blues track, though very short! So what do I think of this album?! I think its great, if you indeed are into Hawkwind and spacerock!! But also if you are into great guitar playing and anyone into great guitars are also into great blues, so there you have it!! This is a great purchase for anyone, who liked the sentences above! Go check it out, why don't ya'?
1 reviews
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