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Introitus - Anima

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The brilliance of this musical equation is that the counterpoint musically, comes strong, excellent
(Updated: October 15, 2014)
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September 16, 2014
Just as I was getting real tired of the "progband with lead female vocal" tendency, that seems to expand for every month, these years! I found this fine album in my mail box, kindly send to me by Progress Records! Yes, it is with lead female vocals, but as opposed to quite a few other bands (I shan´t throw names) that enjoys popularity in the prog circuits these days, these guys have found a brilliant balance!! This is NOT your everyday prog/folkrock band, some of which have a superb female lead singer and a somewhat mediocre band, some with a superior band and a mediocre female lead singer!! Introitus have that rare perfect balance!! There is utter beauty and sinister themes, there´s light and darkness, there are lyric excellence and towering musical performances, there are superb melodic sequences and even cinematic soundscapes to be had!! So, top notch musicians and top notch lead vocalist that truly understands the key to superb music! Anna Jobs Bender (lead vocals) have a beautiful voice in the great tradition of the English female folk vocalists such as : Sandy Denny/ Judy Dyble/ Maddy Prior& Celia Humfries . So why do I lately keep comparing female singers to that of the UK tradition?! Well first of all because I have a great affection for traditional UK folk music such as: Fairport Convention/ Trader Horne/ Fotheringay & Trees, to name a few! Secondly because their (UK) folk tradition are very close to that of the Nordic folk tradition, I guess that is somehow obvious!!

The brilliance of this musical equation is that the counterpoint musically, comes strong, excellent and absolutely brilliant! As opposed to the aforementioned beauty and angelic voice of Anna Jobs Bender let me mention: the absolutely great keyboards of Mats Bender, the superb & sometimes towering guitars of Pár Helje, the tough and sturdy base of drums by Mattias Bender & the solid bass lines of Dennis Lindquist ....adding to that great musical picture we have: flute and add. Keyboards by Henrik Bjórlind & extra vocals by Johanna Bender! Now, you do the math?! When all this aforementioned melt together ...what do you get?! You get an absolutely and finely tuned merger of traditional folk music and superbly delivered progressive music!!

What does ANIMA mean? Well ....According to Jung : Anima is the female side of the man's unconsciousness and also represent the image he carries within the female nature in general, in the form of the female archetype!! That about sums this fine album up, both musician wise but most certainly also musical!

Dual gender contra music!? Well here it is for you to enjoy!! NOW go buy!!

Oh, I must mention the cover art. I find it a bit too much, too looks like a Ballet poster (sorry).
1 reviews
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