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March 06, 2021
The US Band entitled “Page 99” on review here, are a cool melodic rock band with a subtle jazzy feel and are certainly not to be confused with the same-titled hard-core ‘screamo punk’ band from Sterling, Virginia. So what we have here is a fabulous album containing eleven beautifully constructed well-composed tracks. The contents of which can be described as a delightful programme of middle of the road rock music that will appeal to a whole host of music fans right across the board from jazz fans right through to the more hardcore progressive rock fans. It is an album that crosses musical boundaries for the simple reason that it full of quality with top-notch musicianship and without one bad song amongst the eleven-track programme.
It is an album with so much to be admired, for example, the mapping out of the instrumentation is wonderfully arranged with each phase of the music seamlessly moving through a multitude of subtle variations and deft changes of pace. There are bundles of luscious lead guitar and fingerpicking guitar breaks floating freely within the mix. Also, the music is further coloured with many beautifully timed incursions of both keyboard and brass adornment creating a jazzy feel to the proceedings quite reminisce of the harmonious side of ‘Steely Dan’. Also all the while the music flows there is a preverbal masterclass of judicious drumming that guides and controls the sway and movement of the musical delivery.
The classy vocals are a joy to behold they are, throughout the programme, delivered with clear uncluttered intonation, expression and absolute pitch. The variety of vocal inflexion especially associated with the beautifully administered two-part harmonies are not immediately apparent but are certainly revealed with successive plays.
This is one of those albums which will be forever at arm’s reach simply because its music for which you will never tire as it is both relaxing and at the same time joyful with wonderful musicianship
Band Line-up Two Core Members:
John H. Nixon (Various instruments, vocals, arranging, production, mixing, mastering)
Russ Fitzpatrick (Vocals, all vocal arrangements)
Plus an assortment of Studio musicians including Duane Harlick (Vocals, Guitars) Colton Weatherston (Guitars) Andrea Di Puccio (Guitars) Chip Kipps (Guitars) Bill Salisbury (Bass)
CD Tracklist:
1- Fantasy World
2- Harmony
3- Sunrise On The Water
4- Nothing You Can Do About It
5- Finally Been Forgettin’
6- Show Me
7- September
8- Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong
9- Must Be The Weather
10- While The Music’s On
11 - Lea
From the Press Release -This music is recorded from the very beginning using all the gear and recording techniques of the 1970s and 80s. Aside from using modern production software, it is entirely done as on 24 track tape...No copy and paste, no heavy quantizing or fixing, etc. Every part has its place; and everything

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