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April 27, 2020
Make a note of the name ‘dCoded’ a power trio from Barcelona, a band I’m sure you will hear much more about in the future. Although formed in 2012 with Víctor Martínez on guitars and David Marcè: on Drums it took a further couple of years before their final line up came to fruition with the addition of Xavier Orga on Bass. Their first album entitled ‘Synapse’ was delivered in March 2016. Subsequently treading the boards in and around the Barcelona area and in particular at local festivals ‘dcoded’ have fine-tuned and honed their music to perfection and in the bargain working at composing and more importantly growing in confidence together as a band in terms of technical proficiency and seamless arrangements.
From the very first track you get drawn into an Aladdin’s cave full of different ideas and explosions of tuneful variations and expressions. Each individual track contains a multitude of deft time changes and fluctuations in harmonic delivery. Particularly evident are the whole host of musical segments where either the individual instruments take their turn in coming to the fore and expressing an emphatic presence or simply when they together echo similar rhythmic patterns and harmonies. In a review situation when you are listening to the individual tracks many times you quite naturally start to segregate the routes the bass and lead guitar are taking and in particular make notes of how they fuse and interact together. One things for sure is that the arrangements have all been carefully worked out and assembled. So many creative ideas have been interwoven into the overall mix literally multiplying the capacity of the music from seven tracks to many more due to the diversity contained within each individual piece. A major feature of course and quite simply the directive power fusing the whole conglomerate together is the extremely resourceful drumming that is totally saturated with complex patterns and multitudes of different rhythmic enunciations. Whilst not a major feature in the proceedings some keyboard work has been nicely interwoven to add colour, variation and sustain into the body of the music.
In respect to their Second album entitled ‘Perceptual Isolation’ and according to the band, “We have invested more time and technical means in the recording and mixing stages. We have been submerged in new sounds, new structures, and even new composition techniques. All the recording and mixing process was carried out in the revered ‘Uqbar Estudis & VMG Studio’ (Terrassa). The mastering process has been carried out in the prestigious Euridia (Bilbao) by Ibon Larruzea. For the new album, we have taken much more risk. Our influences are extensive (funk, jazz, blues, etc.), but we always start from the loudness of rock”. It has also been a challenge at a compositional and technical level.”
Summary. An intricate and complex instrumental album combining many elements of modern progressive rock music and certainly an album to savour and enjoy over and over again.
Line up:-
Víctor Martínez guitars
Xavier Orga: Bass
David Marcè: Drums
Keyboard solo on Serial Communication by Gora Casado.
Vocals on Teardrop by Vanesa Paris.
Other keyboards and programming by Víctor Martínez
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