Potters Daughter - “This Winter’s Child”

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Potters Daughter
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November 07, 2019
Reviews of singles are few and far between in our “Progplanet Ultimate Review Site”. Requiring something extra special for them to be highlighted here, but this single release by ‘Potters Daughter ‘commands such special attention and hence its inclusion as explained in the following text.
It’s hard to imagine how such a gorgeous piece of hunting and yet calming music could be contained so effectively within the space of a single track of 4mins and 33 secs. The absolute splendour of such beautifully delivered female vocals fully embracing the exquisiteness ‘of delicately communicated poetry is a joy to behold. Furthermore, the opening harmonic piano tinkling’s which continue progressing as a series of deftly varying piano chords sequences in turn are intermingled with beautifully administered and perfectly positioned guitar insertions that add drama and effect.
The auditory arrangement of the track follows an expected format whereby a fairly slow buildup in tension culminates with a neat leveling off to achieve a delightful harmonic crescendo. This progression gradually introduces beautifully delivered harmonic choral effects, delicate percussive brushwork and an eventual piano fade out.
Dianne’s quite beautiful and lucid vocals are certainly the focal point of this superb track, now being released as a single. Her classical style delivery is immaculate with wonderful intonation and oodles of harmonic creativity.
Summary: A delightful slice of progressive orientated folk with delicious vocals and wonderful instrumental support.
Recording and Production Info:
“This Winter’s Child”
Featuring Ian C. Voegtlin: Bass and Guitar
Dyanne Potter Voegtlin: Piano and Vocals
Amit Chatterjee: Percussion
Lyrics by Ronda Dubiel and Dyanne Potter Voegtlin.
Produced by Amit Chatterjee
Cover art by Ian C. Voegtlin
Bio: Virginia based “Potter’s Daughter” was formed in New York City while Dyanne Potter Voegtlin was studying classical piano performance at the Manhattan School of Music. A pupil of Robert Goldsand and Mike Longo, Dyanne searched for the marriage of classical theory and virtuosity with the freedom and innovation of jazz both in study and performance. Together with a rotating group of masters from many schools of music, Dyanne performed regularly in New York City, as well as in north-eastern Pennsylvania.
Now, together with long-time friend, Amit Chatterjee, (producer, arranger, and guitarist), and Ian C. Voegtlin (composer, bassist, guitarist, and saxophonist), they are looking forward to releasing their second single, “This Winter’s Child.” This single returns to the acoustic and eclectic sound of their debut album, “The Blind Side.”
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