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Celestial Delight
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October 29, 2019
Although, one could say that, the initial foundations for ‘Progressive Rock’ music were firmly laid down in the British Isles it was a music form that particularly suited the Italian passion for classical symphonic interpretation. For example, it was in in the Idyllic coastal setting of ‘Sanremo’ with its warm Mediterranean climate that gave birth to two of the most wonderful progressive bands of the early seventies. This was in the shape of ‘Celeste’ and ‘Museo Rosenbach’ whose music still inspires and encaptivates our longing to recapture that early 1970s period. This statement being contributing factor that explains why there has been a huge development of new Italian bands coming to the fore (especially on the ‘Black Widow Label’) and an upturn in the production and sale of Italian progressive music CD reissues of past bands. In addition too, the wonderful news, that this trend has also generated the release of newly created music from such past legends such as PFM and Celeste.
‘Celeste’ was reformed in 2019 by its founder ‘Ciro Perrino’ utilising a large group of guest musicians for the purpose of recording a new album “IL RISVEGLIO DEL PRINCIPE” (The Princes Awakening), a collection of material that was finally released on January 15, 2019 as a follow up to the celebrated album "PRINCIPE DI UN GIORNO" ("Prince of a day"). But even though some 47 years later, with the temptation of modern recording methods and advanced electronic instrumentation ‘Ciro’ has generally remained true to the spirit and atmospheric feel of the early seventies sound and in particular that of Celeste’s first and only album. (Note other releases have followed since the demise of Celeste but are from studio outtakes and other available recorded material)
I was totally entranced listening to this joy filled eight track album so much so that the entire experience raised goose-bumps to my skin, filling my heart with so much emotion that it quite literally blew me away. The entire musical score is very beautifully constructed with stratum upon stratum of laid- back and gently swaying symphonic music. But it is certainly not music that reveals its hidden charms on first play, many subsequent forays are needed to absorb and fully appreciate the subtle and deft instrumental interplay between the numerous participating musicians. The collaboration between the various lead instruments and vocal arrangements are fascinating. For example, as early as, the opening track we are treated to an amazing array of different introductory sounds especially the opening oration by ‘Ciro Perrino Jnr who’ opens the proceedings with a confident and very sweet spoken word delivery. The onset then of saxophone immersed within a sandwich of resonant vocal intrusions giving way to sequences of melodic guitar and lush piano all together providing a single dreamy soundscape. There is an abundance of drama created within the music the very essence of which is the clever duets of interchanging lead instruments, exquisite flute, cello, violin and saxophone over a backdrop of melodic swirling keyboards and flurries of quietly inserted glockenspiel, so gorgeous is the overall effect that the entire application merges seamlessly together as one mighty concerto. Even. If you could imagine, switching everything of and just concentrating on the seemingly simple but tuneful pulsing base lines together with drumming and percussive time keeping there is so much to enjoy especially the atmospheric use of cymbals’ to such great effect.
The vocals, too varying from fully projected voice and other background fills are beautifully delivered with much warmth and panache in native Italian. So glad that the temptation to switch to English was avoided.
For all lovers of classically inspired progressive rock this is a totally must have top score album, an album that will fill you with joy, inspire and delight you.
CIRO PERRINO Mellotron, Eminent, Solina, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, Mini Moog, Pianoforte, Percussioni sciamaniche, Glockenspiel, Voce solista, Coro
MAURO VERO Chitarre acustiche, Chitarra elettrica
MARCO MORO Flauti, Flauto a becco, in Fa e in Do, Saxofono Tenore
MASSIMO DAL PRA' Pianoforte, Rhodes, Clavicembalo
MARIANO DAPOR Violoncello, Coro
MARZIO MAROSSA Percussioni, Coro
ANDREA DE MARTINI Saxofono contralto, Saxofono tenore
With Guests
ALFIO COSTA Organo Hammond
CLAUDIA ENRICO Rainstick in “Qual Fior di Loto” e “Statue di Sale”
CIRO PERRINO JUNIOR Voce recitante in “Qual Fior di Loto” e Gong nel finale di

Additional Information:- Ciro Perrino, is the founder of quintessential Prog bands such as Il Sistema, Celeste and St. Tropez and La Compagnia Digitale, has released the
Ciro has created a separate facebook site to follow step by step the evolution of this new musical adventure. f_id=1518106641027777&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif

Ciro Perrino was born in 1950 in Sanremo, Italy and began to be interested in music from an early age eventually and initially finding inspiration with 60s groups Birds, Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Who. Eventually, playing in groups covering such British and American music of the day. At the onset of progressive music and the decade 1969 to 1979 Ciro turns his attention to this format forming and playing in such Italian Progressive Rock projectsas :- Il Sistema, I Celeste, S.N.C., St. Tropez and La Compagnia Digitale before embarking on a solo career of various musical genres, including Prog Rock, Space Rock, New Age, Ambient and Neo Classical. Finally some 50 years later the story of the Prince continues as he awakens. Hopefull further adventures will follow, fingers crossed.
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