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"Materialeyes". - In Focus

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Keyboard and guiitar saturated progressive
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October 01, 2019
‘Materialeyes’ are a band from Northern England comprising of three self-confessed veteran musicians with a propensity for seventies progressive rock. They have, like birds of a feather, gathered together for the fun and love of composing music in a style specific to that period and genera. They could have easily and very successfully followed a path of reproducing covers of songs from that period. However, they embarked on the more difficult route of wanting to write, compose and perform their own material. Last year they released their first album entitled ‘Strange Road’ which although very good and very enjoyable lacked a certain panache, particularly from the percussive angle.
But, goodness me, what a difference a single year can make, if ever there was a marked transformation in the progress of a band from an eager assemblage of very decent musicians to an extremely tight unit of consummate professionals then consider the quite amazing journey undertaken by this band with the release of their second album ‘In Focus’. Certainly, such advancements in technique and musicality is, I would imagine, due to countless practice sessions, they have embarked upon, the sharing of ideas and the honing of the material to a state of utter perfection. There is, as a consequence, a wonderful air of confidence about the band which can be detected on the new album. They have created and assembled six delightfully absorbing tracks all oozing originality and creative verve.
Collective experience certainly comes to the fore as it is clear that these guys fully understand the exact formula for piecing together the various instrumental components and the build-up of the individual audio layers. There is so much going at any one time, especially when you break down and listen to the individual melodic phases and beautifully layered multipart symphonic contributions which continuously shift and change direction throughout each of the scores. I actually can’t help but smile listening to this album and conjuring up images of these three wonderful guys having so much fun and in particular, producing together this delightfully melodic music album so full of interesting ideas. Whilst maybe the instrumental core to the various soundscapes give a directional nod towards the swirling keyboards, equally deserved acknowledgement must be afforded to the beautiful guitar, drum and bass parts contributing together as one tight comprehensive unit.
Summary: An album of delightful forays into the progressive rock world having a distinctly seventies feel with intermittent folk like overtones.
Line Up:
Dave Westmoreland –Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars.
Will Lawery –Vocals, Guitars.
Martyn Howes –Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards.
Billy Longthorn –Drums.
‘Bad’ Bill Mosey –Bass.
Diane Howes –Flute, Vocals.

1. Prelude
2. The Poet
3. Waterfall
4. In The City
5. A Cold Wind.
6. In The City
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