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The direction of future progressive rock
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June 30, 2019
It is strange to refer to a band whose existence spans over a period of only eight years as being a young band, but the truth of the matter these days is that most influential progressive rock bands go on forever. There is an abundance of ‘Long in the tooth’ rock musicians that don’t pack up, they just seemingly drift around like magnets attracting likeminded souls and then assembling together again in newly formed bands, sometimes in several bands at once. Now this is not a bad thing as it rejuvenates and re-energizes the musical style we all love.

So, it is a fact that these four youngish guys based in the historical Italian town of Pisa, and known collectively for the past eight years as ‘Eveline’s Dust are producing such an interesting variation of progressive rock music. Indeed progressive music that has branched out to boldly incorporate beautifully interspersed elements of jazz rock within their complicated array of compositions. Believe me and, in a sense, whilst listening to this seven track masterpiece you could be mistaken for thinking that there are two distinctly different bands onboard at the same time because there is, from a technical perspective, a multitude of brilliantly executed shifts in musical direction, stylisation, tempo modulations and instrumental interchanges all carried out in a totally seamless manner. It has to be emphasized that the range of musical directions also includes great slices of much heavier visits between metal territory and power rock. A band truly with chameleon proportions and desires.

There is a true sense of dimension about the overall sound the band produces which is packed to the brim with interest. Breaking down all of the elemental parts and listening separately to each individual instrumental facet is a worthwhile exercise that gives you a true appreciation of how talented these guys are. It is hard to pick out any stand out instrumental features but certainly after a few plays the keyboards do take a hold of your attention. Great piano and throughout wonderful sound effects, canvas fills and synthesizer flurries galore. But, make no mistake, as you listen to the individual components of the fabulous lead guitar, incredibly energetic drumming and rhythmic bass such choices of where your attention positions itself are variable and interchanging.

The vocals are great throughout and for the most part have a distinctly jazzy edge to their projection, one suspects that this is an area for which the vocalist has been previously embroiled. It is a concept album and I know from reading the press information that the subject matter of the lyrics center around a girl with an incurable illness. I have to be honest and say that, whilst I listened to the album several times, the actual meaning of the lyrics passed me by because the music itself was far to absorbing. I will though tune into the lyrical aspect next time I play this welcome addition to my collection.

Summary: An interesting amalgam of progressive rock, jazz and metal-The probable future of progressive rock I would say.

Artwork: Adequate but not great..

Line Up:
Lorenzo Gherarducci - electric/acoustic guitar
Nicola Pedreschi - keyboards/vocals
Marco Carloni - bass
Angelo Carmignani – drums
Lorenza Catricala-Vocals
Frederico Avella –Sax and Transverse Flute

1 A New Beginning 6:02
2 Fierce Fear Family 4:32
3 Hope 9:03
4 K 3:38
5 Lost In a Lullaby 5:38
6 Faintly Falling 4:41
7 Rain Over Gentle Travellers 9:37

BIO From Website -Formed in 2012, Pisa-based Eveline's Dust is yet another young group to come out of Italy's thriving prog scene. The band are inspired by classic English groups such as King Crimson and Genesis, as well as Italian symphonic giants Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, and, more prominently, modern prog icon Steven Wilson.

The band's debut EP, Time Changes, released in 2013, first established their decisively modern sound. With a symphonic base, rooted in the neo-prog style, Eveline's Dust are not afraid to experiment a little and move past the typical preconceptions of the neo-prog genre. Their music often veers into heavier, almost metal-like territory, and at times even showcases slight jazz rock tendencies. 2016 saw the release of Eveline's Dust's first full length album, The Painkeeper. A concept work, The Painkeeper continued to develop the band's distinctive sound.
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