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United Progressive Fraterity - Planetary Overload Loss

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United Progressive Fraterity
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May 22, 2019
The “United Progressive Fraternity” (UPF) is a kind of musical conglomerate whose aim is to highlight the sad plight of our planet earth in this age of massive pollution and other uncontrolled misuse of our resources.

We are told in the accompanying liner and support notes that UPF are not a band but in fact are a project fulfilling a lifelong ambition and passion of ‘Mark Truey Trueack’ with the clear objective of bringing people together under a common love of music and concern for humanitarian issues. Mark has stated “The more people that are involved to help us, whether it be from a musical, artistic, or a networking/media, the better our success will be in this venture”

Mark Truey Trueack and Sean Timms made their mark on the progressive music scene down under with the band Utopia, and were active from 1996 - 2014, releasing a total of 6 albums. At the demise of ‘Utopia’ Mark founded ‘UPF’ in order to promote awareness, through beautifully constructed music, about the changes we all need to make, both as individuals and other government concerns, to save the planet. These ideals were initially expressed with UPF’s first album “Fall in Love with the World” (CD release 2014)

Now some five years later there follows the release of the second CD “Planetary Overload” a massive undertaking with multitudes of international guest musicians, songwriters and studio technicians. This album also marks the strong musical association of multi-instrumentalist ‘Steve Unruh coming into the fold and working closely throughout the project with ‘Mark Truey’ both in a compositional and instrumental capacity.

Whilst the lyrical content and explicit warning messages contained in the script are the focal point and the area of main fundamental importance. It is necessary, from a review perspective, to separate out the music and vocal content from the script and examine more closely. We are, here, then treated to 75 minutes of engaging music which is divided into three distinct phases spread over twelve tracks. On the whole the music takes on a distinctly progressive edge with multitudes of time changes and bursts of energetic lead instrumentation with strong melodic vocals. Such arrangements are then further embellished with layer upon layer of complex instrumental happenings, literally a mountain of exquisite sound. There is just so much going on at any one time with many interchanges of flute, stunning violin, excellent lead guitar and beautiful coordinated mixed male/ female choral superfluities. The music too takes on many dramatic twists and turns that ingeniously emphasise the lyrical content adding a positive cinematic edge to the proceedings. In fact at times you could be misled into thinking you were listening to a glorious fully blown rock opera. The vocals both main and backing are amazing, the projection and clarity of which are unbelievably crystal clear and melodically superb with many part harmonies galore.
For me, the main area of total delight were the instrumental (especially electric violin) contributions from ‘Steve Unruh’ all in all totally breathtaking what an amazing musician.

Summary: When I first started listening to this album I was tending towards and a middle marked rating but now I can’t put it away. A definite top marks album.

Artwork: Amazing detailed and comprehensive

Track Listings Part 1 Loss
Phase 1 Dawning On Us)
1. Loss Anthem
2. What Happens Now
3. Cruel Times
4. What Are We Doing to Ourselves
. Phase II: Destraction and Destruction
5. Stop-Time
6. One More
7. Mercenaries
8. What If.
9. Forgive Me My Son.
Phase 3 Growing
10. Dying To Be Re Born
11. Seeds For Life.
12. Loss To Lost.

Website End Piece : Also, it has to be said support from documentary film directors and environmental organisations, endorsements from climate scientists, and features the voices of prominent spokespersons such as Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Dr. James E. Hansen, David Suzuki, and others. The urgency of the message in Planetary Overload cannot be overstated Our entire survival depends on what action humanity takes in the next few years, and the United Progressive Fraternity is striving to create the best musically communicated albums ever made. Together we must make a change to save our distressed planet

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