Semistereo - Semistereo-Zabriskii

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Excellent Modern Progressive Rock
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April 22, 2019
This is without doubt one of those rare ‘full-on’ and in your face albums, that is saturated to the brim with fast flowing imaginative music. Indeed the entire project is packed with multiple soundscapes that extend right throughout combing both powerful and yet crystal clear swathes of energetic music. It doesn’t stop there either because quite cleverly, within the compositional makeup there are incorporated swathes of melodic sounding mandolin like and bagpipe kind of keyboard guitar stylisations, almost in the same vein that the Scottish band ‘Big Country’ used to adopt as a guitar band without the inclusion of keyboards.

However the music here has a far heavier edge incorporating many elements of a modern day progressive metal riffing within the scores and yet there are many phases of subtlety and delightful twists and turns incorporated to keep you totally satiated throughout the entire programme of the eight excellent tracks.

Rather like the preverbal ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ there are so many variations in musical delivery and acoustic arrangement that keep tumbling out with successive plays. Little forays of titillating guitar appear from nowhere, and there are background sequences that bubble up to the surface to enhance your listening pleasure. The whole affair has both pace and dynamism in fact it is a veritable wall of sound’ with a multitude of musical happenings coming at you from every possible angle. Your ability to comprehend the majesty of everything that is happening all at once and which can only be fully realised with successive plays. The use of the word conglomeration really fits to describe how the percussive elements all fold into one huge canvas with drumming, bass and treated guitar segments merging together and molding into a solid overall soundscape of acoustic delight.

Certainly, not in any way are there elements of repetitiveness or conformity about the music on this album. For frequently, just at the moment when you think the grove has been set on a certain course, there is a subtle change of direction or musical intervention which has been incorporated to shift you over to another level or pathway. For example, on track eight, ‘South of Sobriety Street’ along comes this beautifully considered tune of ballad proportions with haunting vocals and mesmerizing guitar revealing the true diversity of these excellent musicians.

The vocals and backing harmonies meld perfectly into the overall sound pattern almost replicating the melodic aspirations of the innumerable guitar projections.

Clearly all these attributes form together to produce what is a wonderful slice of extremely enjoyable modern progressive rock with fusions of both the harder edged and the gloriously melodic music from a very talented guitar orientated band.

Summary: Their fourth project and an absolute must have album.

Artwork: Beautiful Sleeve by Henk de Rooolj

1. Last Part Of The Trail 06:15

2. Leap Into Flames 05:31 video

3. Crooked Teeth Necklace 06:18

4. A Tale Of Ravenous Longing 05:52

5. Tide 06:00

6. Wreckage 05:21

7. Lethargic 06:08

8 South Of Sobriety Street 08:12

Semistereo is
Paul Glandorf: Lead and Backing Vocals
Martijn Weyburg: Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals
Frank Weijers: Guitars
Massimo Mastrangeli: Bass Guitar, Grand Piano
Marcel van de Graaf : Drums, Percussion.
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