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January 04, 2019
Review: There is throughout and for the most part on this album, an exceedingly melancholic spiritual feel about this music. It is deeply steeped with an atmosphere of dramatic intenseness and a kind of religious ambiance, hence no doubt the reason for the self-appointed classification ‘Druid metal.’ The hypnotic properties of the music conjure up a distinctly theatrical feel and a sensation of chilled eeriness. This is exacerbated by the measured deeply resonant and intensely structured guitar chord sequences and accompanying synthesizer creations, forming the backdrop for the glorious female lead vocals. But whilst such spiritual moods, in the music, continue to drift peacefully along they are suddenly disturbed, almost like the phoenix bursting forth from the ashes, to resounding bursts of instrumental guitar energy in the form of powerful well-executed streams heavy metal riffing. This formula kind of sets the scene for the way the entire album is organized because from a presentation perspective this is exactly what the audience want. Such moments of intense drama that slowly build up before erupting into a crescendo of penetrating excitement
The standard of musicianship is extremely high with fine guitar work throughout and extremely excellent keyboards both in support and also which occasional surge into a lead role. With powerful drumming too and emphatic bass lines throughout they collectively form a solid hard working unit. The big cherry on the cake though are the extremely good female lead vocals which are delivered with great style and panache and which suit the music perfectly.
Susanna Vesilahti (vocals)
Harri Hautala (guitar, synth)
Jari Hautala (guitar)
Teemu Vähäkangas (bass)
Jukka Hantula (drums)

1– Birch of Fornjot
2 – Kainun Kuningas
3 – Jack’s Feast
4 – The Masks of Enchantment
5 – Pan the One
6 – Druids Are A-Coming
7 – Slow Moving Creatures
8 – Visionary’s Last Breath
9 – Suo (Kantaa Ruumiit)
10 – The Forest

Biography From Unshine Website
“UNSHINE has always been a band without the traditional role models. For us, the most important thing in a song is the melody. Sounds and rhytms create the overall atmosphere, but the melody wakes up the whole ancient story in it to life,” tells Harri, UNSHINE guitarist behind the major part of the songs.

“Secondly, it all starts from the nature and it all will end to the nature. This cuts through all aspects of our music. It echoes from those landscapes the modern world has almost totally abandoned and forgotten. The songs try to re-unite the old bonds between the dolmen gods and the digitized mankind. Nature is not our enemy, it’s our physical, but especially our spiritual home. That’s why we call our music druid metal. “

“All five of us in the band, were raised in the middle of forests and fields, in the countryside villages of Western Finland. I highly appreciate the fact that this same band has kept together for over 15 years now. We have also known each other since our adolescence times.”

“Of course, everyone has their own musical preferences: Susanna loves traditional Finnish melodic music, Jari and Teemu are metal men, Jukka is more in to prog and jazz and I listen mainly to 70’s folk rock and synth music.”

UNSHINE has now three albums behind. The latest “Dark Half Rising” elevated the band for the first time to the international metal awareness. “That was certainly the big thing, but we have had other certain highlights that mean a lot for us, too.”

In the very beginning, right after first demo, the band received an invitation to an European pop/rock -contest in Spain. The first full-length album, Earth Magick, was released both in Finland and in North America.

With the follower, the Enigma of Immortals, UNSHINE reached official charts in Finland and for the first time, headed to European stages. With the latest album, the band played an album release concert at Festival-Mediaval 2013 in Germany and finally ended up performing at FeMME 2015 in the Netherlands together with Lacuna Coil, Therion and Visions of Atlantis, among others.”

“We are very excited to start the work in our new home label Rockshots Records. Our fourth album, ASTRALA, is now at the doorstep and it has been a huge evolutionary leap for us. We have stepped in to the whole new level of co-operation with the initial forces of the nature.”
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