Visionoir - The Waving Flames of Oblivion

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Visionoir - The Waving Flames of Oblivion

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The Flames Behind Visionoir
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May 03, 2018
Seemingly on the back burner for many years ‘Alessandro Sicur’s’ ideas and musical concepts behind his ‘Visionoir’ project have been gradually molding together and finally coming to fruition as a completed suite of music which was recorded for release as a solo debut album at the tail end of 2017.

Although, seemingly, a full on guitar and keyboard led instrumental project there is, neatly integrated, within the nine tracks a separate side venture entitled ‘Voices of Poets’ being the overdubbing of the spoken voice taken from eight archive broadcasts of the original poets reciting their own elegies. Whilst not exactly a unique idea it is in the case of the album a very intuetive move which creates an added atmospheric and dramatic aura to the proceedings surrounding those particular tracks.

Twisting and turning at great pace throughout the music is a giant proliferation of different elemental factions built neatly together to form a huge spreading cobweb capturing many varying sound combinations. The overall resultant product is one of powerful dynamic innovativeness where rhythmic agility greatly exceeds melodic presence. It does indeed make interesting listening to just home in onto the various soundscapes which encompass the individual splinters of sound and instrumental riff and chord progressions. Having centered your concentration to this aim you then realise what a huge amount of material has been inserted and processed into this veritable melting pot of progressive rock and other related generic amalgamations.

Alessandro Sicur from the beautiful town ‘SanDniele Del Friulii’ in the Province of Udine NE Italy is indeed a gifted musician with penchant for assembling catchy sound sequences and building them individually up to form an impressive overall soundscape. He in this respect is the sole architect and multi-instrumentalist behind this massive venture. Inspiration from this beautiful area maybe one of the factors which led to the accumulation of musical resources and other ideas to eventually surface as ‘The Waving Flame of Oblivion’

Summary: An impressive solo project full of good ideas and excellent musicianship the flag ship of which is the integration of archive recordings of spoken poetry overlaying but not distracting from the main route of powerful and dynamic music below.

Artwork: Nicely packaged cover with photos by Alesssandro Sicur.

Lineup: Alessandro Sicur, who conceived, wrote, produced, performed masterminded and the only member of this one-man- band (keyboard & synths, guitars, bass , e-drums).
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