L’Anima - Departures

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L’Anima - Departures

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October 02, 2017
By fact of their location only, L’Anima qualify as being a Progressive Rock Band from the UK,but a quick check through the personnel reveal that apart from lead vocalist Andy Mitchell all of the musicians by indication of their names possibly hail from other foreign shores. But not withstanding such a throw away comment the music produced by these guys is totally “in your face” powerfully bold, composite and far-reaching with a multitude of time charges and complex arrangements. Certainly this album is not, by any stretch of the imagination, first time listening because successive plays reveal that there is just so much going on, all at the same time and once the music is in full flow, total concentration is needed to fully focus on the numerous core elements of the various instrumental roles and their overall contribution to each section of the music. Even though so much is happening all at once it never feels like system overload and it is very clever how the way the music is so beautifully structured that all of the composite parts fit neatly into place, very much in the way that “Yes” or “Rush” have organized their output in the past. There are two stand out factors which underpin the magnetism of this project. Firstly the utterly wonderful vocals of ‘Andy Mitchell’ who so effortlessly achieves an extensive range of pitch and vocal expression in molding his voice so expertly to the music as it flows and ebbs. And then the various combinations of guitar work throughout, from the many gorgeous delicate classical Spanish style contributions through to the much heavier metal riffing and the numerous bolder lead arpeggio finger sequences all of which both fascinate and bring instrumental wonder to the ears of the listener. The album is further enhanced with some great choral style vocal backings (sounds like a choir) for which I cannot find any credits.
The lineup is mostly guitar based but there are a few nice piano sequences integrated amongst the body of the music.

The band was formed in 2015, as a collaboration between Pedro J. Caparros Lopez (Breed 77) and lead singer Andy Mitchell (Post Yardbirds vocalist). Subsequently the line-up has been expanded with the addition of top musicians: guitarist Mauro Paderni, bassist Luca Forlani and drummer Iban Sanz.

Summary: A stunning and complex progressive rock album which is sure to please and delight all guitar enthusiasts with its unique combination of progressive rock together with progmetal interlaced with a good helping of Spanish style guitar. Great vocals too.

Artwork: A beautifully produced and designed 20 page booklet full of track related photos and information.

1. Point of No Return.
2. Path To Sirius.
3. Gema.
4. My Dying Cell.
5. Hold Out.
6. My Bloody Silhouette.
7. The Sound of Waves.
8. The Elephant Cemetery
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