Jet Black Sea - Absorption Lines

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Jet Black Sea - Absorption Lines

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Jet Black Sea
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September 30, 2017
“Absorption Lines” is a very apt title for this Anglo / Dutch project which is, without doubt, an extremely ‘absorbing line’ in experimental progressive music. Because, right from the opening track and the exceptionally vibrant drum sequence you are drawn into a deeply layered chasm of mystical penetrating sounds that sweep over and around you. And as you continue your journey through the various tracks the intensity of the music develops more and more to overwhelming proportions as your brain cells are rocked with a myriad of powerful sound combinations. Such sounds comprising subtle electronic infusions, strange echoic vocal interjections, intense distorted ghostly effects and wonderfully interesting electric guitar runs bursting neatly to the fore. A further sensation of ambience is created with the introduction of a series of past space mission recordings which have been integrated into the score throughout the album. These old recordings as a backdrop take the music through to another plain and reinforce the atmosphere and drama of space and space travel. Although the album is predominantly instrumental there are many moments when the human voice is utilized as a kind of choral back drop which are nicely interspersed and which ultimately bring colour and panache within the structure of the music. The drumming in parts is particularly exciting being ultra-loud and brash and full of flamboyant energy, this assertiveness extends through to the lead guitar as it moves through a whole rapporteur of nice tricky runs, lovely tuneful harmonic periods of self-indulgence and many stimulating bursts of treated guitar patterns. The full array of keyboard contributions, which come to your attention, more on successive plays, are beautifully coordinated and add melodic charm throughout and what’s more link together the various musical sections between pieces, The second track “Wrong Turn” sounds like it contains a selection of old world instruments which are quite fascinating and add much dimension to the overall sound but alas no clues to be found amongst the sleeve notes.

Summary: A very interesting and unique album of totally absorbing music.

Artwork: Quite reasonable, nice artwork but lacking information.

1. Wrong Turn.
2. The Sixth Wheel.
3. Jumping To Conclusion (Part 1)
4. Absorption Lines.
5. Cathedral.
6. Hours Slip Into Days.
7. 133 Hours.

Line Up Guide:
Adrian Jones: talent
Michel Simons: cool dance moves
All songs written & recorded by Adrian Jones & Michel Simons

Pieter van Hoorn: drums on Wrong Turn, The Sixth Wheel & Cathedral
Brendan Eyre: keyboards on The Sixth Wheel & Cathedral
Paul van Zeeland: bass guitar on Cathedral
Adrian 'Aio' O'Shaughnessy: vocals on Cathedral
Tony Patterson: vocals on Hours Slip Into Days
Drums on Wrong Turn, The Sixth Wheel & Cathedral and bass guitar on Cathedral recorded by Paul van Zeeland
Keyboards on The Sixth Wheel & Cathedral recorded by Brendan Eyre
Vocals on Hours Slip Into Days recorded by Tony Patterson
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