Chromium Hawk Machine - Annunaki

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Chromium Hawk Machine - Annunaki

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Chromium Hawk Machine
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CD1 - 47:30 CD2 - 59:01

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Cosmic Disappointment
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September 19, 2017
For hard-core fans of “Hawkwind” fashioned music this two CD space rock extravaganza, the result of a collaboration between three like minded cosmic stylized musicians, would almost certainly be like having your Christmas, birthday and winning the lottery all on the same day. The whole affair is a complete cacophony of different noises. a real proverbial mish-mash of spaced out musical segments which are propelled at you from all angles. At times the resultant combination of these sound fragments can be compared to the warming up of a body of musicians in the orchestra pit before a concert. The consequential combination of sounds then sweeping over you in the shape of discordant guitar mixed together with strange distorted vocals, conflicting keyboards, splashes of electronic murmurings with a multitude of saxophone splurges and then fusing it altogether a surprisingly well ordered series of percussive routines. All of this musical rag-bag then being delivered to your brain in disorderly forms to hopefully delight you, in your passion for out of space adventures, or maybe disappoint you with its lack of melodic drive which was the case for me as I sat back and listened intently to the various tracks. I found that the resultant music over the two CDs did not have the same melodic fluidity or clarity as any “Hawkwind” productions and is certainly not as accessible but I have to admit that it does embroil a certain repetitive charm to pull you into deep trance mode as you sail away too far off galaxies. For hardcore fans of this kind of more outlandish cosmic rock it is sure to be an attractive proposition to purchase but I think there are too many periods of nothingness due to overlong passages of disjointed play during which there is a distinct lack of any subtle advancements in the musical structure. Another point of concern is that the quality of the overall sound, especially on CD One, which is quite muffled and poor, and oh! Yes I did clean the heads on my CD player!

Summary: A delightful package but only for over the top hardcore “Hawkwind” fans.

Cover Art: A superb CD insert with beautiful and interesting coloured phtos.

1. Cosmic Explosion (15:06)
2. Time And Terraforming (8:51)
3. Annunaki Come (6:41)
4. Buttercups And Poppeyfields (4:53)
5. Another System (He Adam Is Born) (11:46)

6. Crying Moon, Dying Sun (32:26)
7. They're Buying Time (6:28)
8. My Fuzzy Fantasy (19:59)

Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - vocals, flutes, saxophones
Helios Creed (Nik Turner, Chrome) - vocals, guitars, bass
Jay Tausig (D'Arcana) - drums, synthesizers, bass
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