Bardens, Pete - Heart to Heart

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Bardens, Pete - Heart to Heart

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Bardens, Pete
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It really is a laidback album with a laidback attitude.
(Updated: October 04, 2014)
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May 02, 2012
Pete Bardens co-founder (with Andy Latimer) of the great symphonic UK band Camel , left that band after 7 albums, for a solo career! After a short stint with Van Morrisson, his first solo album "Heart to Heart" saw the light of day in 1979. This album has been quite scarce, hard to find and even unknown to most, especially to followers of Camel. The fine Esoteric Recordings have now done something about that! Re-mastering, re-releasing, Re-done the booklet! Now the reason for this particular debut solo albums anonymity, must be (to these trained ears) Bardens departure from symphonic rock/prog as people knew and loved him for in Camel! Still the man had his own ideas and thoughts on how his own music should sound! Now as I hear this re-release in hear strong Canterbury (that special style of prog known from Caravan, Hatfield and the North, early Soft Machine) influences, but also straight pop songs! Ive heard it now (mind you for the first time ever) and after several spins I must say that this is for completists mostly. The many different styles within this album, shows Bardens didn't really have a firm base of ideas, as to what and whom this albums content would reach!? Maybe it was a labour of love, who was to tell him what to compose, create and play?? I own several of his later albums and some of them are quite brilliant!! This is one that I wont play that often, still a curio...that once in a while will reach my cd player or as a "quiz among friends" item ;-) you know..the mates come over and after a few cold beers : " Who´s this then?". Sure, you can hear hints here and there as to his composition contributions in the Camel days and as a music historic item its also fine. Just don't expect Camel music. It really is a laidback album with a laidback attitude. If you was intrigued along the way, while reading my feeble ramblings, then go on try it, buy the album!
1 reviews
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