Hackett, John - Another Life

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Hackett, John - Another Life

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Hackett, John
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This is a must own release
(Updated: November 16, 2015)
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November 15, 2015
This has to be one of the best prog albums of 2015! Well, this is a truth with modification of course, since I havent had the pleasure of hearing all prog music from 2015 (well who has?) but to me, this fine outing from John Hackett is a masterpiece !!

John Hackett, brother to Steve Hackett, plays flute, guitars, bass & keyboards...and also sings lead vocals on this fine album! With the brilliant and always excellent guitar help of brother Steve on 7 of the 13 tracks, the wizzardry of Nick Magnus: Drums, keyboards & programming plus a visit from original Genesis (co-founder member) guitarist Anthony Philips.

Filled to the brim with brilliant tunes and songs, this album sneaks up on you little by litlle, leaving you with a sense of joy and pleasure that grows at every spin!

From the intro tune (album title) : Another Life..I was hooked...those opening guitar lines immediately reminded me of a Greg Lake sung ballad..was it from King Crimson or from ELP...couldnt pinpoint??! Cant recall, maybe itll come to me later during this review!?

This excellent album follows the musical footsteps in many of John Hackett´s musical ventures both with brother Steve and fellow musician Nick Magnus and various other guest performances over the years. But this is by far his most acomplished and superior work...song to song/tune by tune, everything of very high quality!!

This is a must own release friends, take my word for it !!

I really like all the tracks here, but if I were to mention a few favorites, here comes:

"Another Life" / "Look Up" / "Poison Town" / "Life In Reverse" /

So friends of brilliant prog/ sometimes excellent pop like tunes ("Poison Town") and or the gentlier side of Steve hackett & Nick Magnus´solo works, this is most certainly for you!

After repeated listenings this album will haunt you, mind you..in a good way, the kinda humming along in the bath way!!

And YES, brother Steve delivers some superb lead guitar throughout!

I absolutely love this album, it must be among the best progalbums this year!?

To me at least, it is and yes I would bring it on that famous desert island!!

1 reviews
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