John Lees´ Barclay James Harvest - Legacy (Live)

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John Lees´ Barclay James Harvest - Legacy (Live)

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John Lees´ Barclay James Harvest
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CD: 77:43 DVD: 103:35

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Your choice really!!
(Updated: October 05, 2015)
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October 02, 2015
I must honestly say, I were never that big a fan of BJH, some of their earlier stuff I really liked, other both earlier and later not so much!! BJH have always been at the...ahem...soft end of symphonic prog and even though I kinda understand the moniker " Poor man´s Moody Blues" I really must say that the Moodies werent that heavy and or aggressive in their musical approach. Both of these bands were very sugary, mellow and so to my mind safe!

In other words music without drama and danger, even though some BJH lyrics were great, they never really grabbed me as a band!

This de Luxe live package 1 cd and 1 dvd, from Shepherd´s Bush Empire 2006, will of course attract BJH fans as it should and they will be greatly rewarded!

Truth be told, the music here are perfectly delivered and performed, the only complaint I got (Apart from the intro lines), if I concentrate on this particular release, would be the vocals, they are at best mediocre and quite frankly more like spoken word than singing!!

I realise I may tread on some toes here, that is not as such intentional, I am mereley trying to give my personal view of this release, no more no less!!

The dvd delivers perfect sound and picture, as well as a longer playlist than that of the cd.

As always with Esoteric releases..this package comes in a great cardboard gatefold sleeve and a fine booklet!!

This is my cant agree with everyone and certainly not their taste of music!

Your choice really !!
1 reviews
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