GTR - GTR re-mastered

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GTR - GTR  re-mastered

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Disc 1 : 57:53 Disc 2 : 78:27

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...just waiting for your attention and good ear!
(Updated: September 28, 2015)
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September 23, 2015
I clearly remember hearing this for the first time back in 1986 and I were very disappointed, having my mind and musical heart set up for something superb, at a time where mergers of great musicians were common - I loved the idea of superb muscians and super guitaristĀ“s Howe (Yes) and Hackett (Genesis) joined forceĀ“s and created a new "Supergroup"!

I recall thinking that the production in: too much treble, no deep bass and /or thundering drums! A flatline of a production if you will!

So I am happy to tell you that this new re-mastered and expanded edition is great!

The sound is dynamic, clear, crisp and great! This is what I hoped for way back then and now I got it!! I have always praised Esoteric (Both Recordings and Antenna) and I still do..

So GTR the studio album (Disc 1), felt like I was hearing this album for the first time and it felt really really good! The twin perfect guitars, the great lead vocals of Max Bacon and the solid base of Spalding & Mover (Bass & Drums) really comes through now.

Maybe it is the timelapse, maybe its the remastering, maybe I have matured in my music understanding?! Maybe it is all three combined ?! Either way..this is a fine album and I cherish it very much! My fav tracks here: "The Hunter" / " Hackett To Bits" / "When The Heart Rules The Mind".

Bonus tracks: "The Hunter" guitar mix / "When The heart Rules The Mind" Single version & "The Hunter" Single version.

Disc 2: a live cd recorded in 1986, WilternTheater-Los Angeles. With the whole GTR album performed, bar one track! But you also get : "Roundabout" (a YES classic) & " Spectral Mornings" (a Hackett classic) & "I Know What I Like In Your wardrobe" (a Genesis classic)

in all, a very very great welcome back has been a long time and I didnt really like you first time around, but now time (and Esoteric) have matured you! I love that!!

So, my dear friends a 2 cd Deluxe edition of GTR...just waiting for your attention and good ear!
1 reviews
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