The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Sunstone

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The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Sunstone

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The Psychedelic Ensemble
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(Updated: May 28, 2015)
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May 27, 2015
Once again this "band" (rumour has it, it is a one man venture with invited guest´s! ) amazes me, with the sheer brilliance, ingenuity and delivery displayed here,as with their former work, see review elsewhere on these pages, they totally blow my mind to that famous jaw dropping extend! While the main character stays anonymous, under the moniker. Psychedelic Ensemble, there are mention as to whom delivers the beautiful female and male vocals, the Electric violin, The Hammond B3 & The cello!

The grand opener: "Prologue-The Voyage" is a very cinematic instrumental with a lot of feel and emotion, that will give most of you visions of a filmic scenery.

The following track, the title tune, reveals was comes in terms of brilliant music in the realm of symphonic prog...what an opening to an excellent album!

The next tracks are a display of excellence and brilliant musicianship, with some very great guitar playing and compostions some progbands I could mention, would die for!

Track 5 "a Hundred years On" could have been out of a mid period Jethro Tull album, yes well maybe bar the beautiful female vocals! But the male vocal has an uncanny, though brief... resemblance to that of a certain Ian Andersson.

So yet another near masterpiece from PE!!

Beautiful Themes, cinematic at times, very complex themes, some fusion rock tinged tunes a la Colosseum II and even magic sequences in laid back folky tradition for you to enjoy, when you purchase this fabulous album and you MUST!! You will agree with the superlatives above, while you push that replay button and enjoy another drink of your choice!

So not a dull moment, not a boring second..just superb music, perfectly delivered!!

Now go out and buy this fine release from a really superb band.

You wont regret...promise!!!
1 reviews
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