Progression By Failure - Sonic Travelogue

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Progression By Failure - Sonic Travelogue

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April 11, 2015
Wow, this albums content immediately grabbed me by my musical throat! Progression By failure roaring its fine and progfusioned head, with sinister themes, dark sequences and beautiful interludes until I lay flat on the floor in my study!! yes it is that good and exciting!!

Proving that the keyboards, Guitars & Drums concept still works wonders, when the musicians involved are this brilliant and innovative!!
What you get here my dear progfriends, are no less than an album of excellence, with traces of oldschool prog, add a pinch or two of fusion/Jazz, then spray with medieval and folky trad. sections! Think a blend of later King Crimson (period "RED"), Gentle Giant and a bit of Gryphon!

It is a wonderful album and I have always been sucker for dark, sinister and dramatic music.

Here it comes: This one goes straight to my private collection !!

I just cant enough of this release, I have heard it a dosen times now and still the music herein opens new imaginative angles and visions at every spin!

The album comes in a great cardboard fold out cover with superb cover art, plus a little booklet with brief linernotes and great artwork.
So guys this is a MUST hear, which will lead to a MUST own guarantee, that is, if you nodded happily while reading the abowe sentences!

So go buy, find your fav chair,have a cold one and play loud!!

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