Fish On Friday - Godspeed

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Fish On Friday - Godspeed

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Fish On Friday
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(Updated: November 26, 2014)
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November 26, 2014
This is my first!! Fish On Friday …that is!! Isnt it wonderful, when you know by the first tones, the first song, that this band is for you?! One of these rare occasions when music leaves the speakers and immediately caresses your musical heart and soul! A well known sound, still a new band, could be expressed as a contradiction to the term progressive as it were, still we love it!!?? I guess it is, as with all other things in life, things we recognize and love, bringing joy in our hearts and a smile on our faces! That is exactly how I felt during the first listen to this fabulous album! The opener and title track “Godspeed” made me smile within´ the first seconds (always a good sign!) the word :perfect ..ran to mind! Remember my words: This band is going to be huge!! Everything about this release is perfect, the production, the compositions/songs, the delivery, the musicianship, even down to the excellent cover art, all is perfect!! If I were to mention a resemblance to a band/artist, that these fine musicians evoke, it would be: A spoonful or two of Alan Parsons Project, add to that a good slice of Pink Floyd (mid period) and a stint of Sad Café (remember them?) It is absolutely wonderful this album and the perfect musicianship almost glides out of the speakers only to please you and it does!! As this our praised prog world formerly were predominately headlined by bands from (in no particular order) UK, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy & US, now we have an entry from Belgium, a fantastic one at that, isn’t it a wonderful thing!? The more I hear of this brilliant release, the more I am impressed, the more I have a really hard time to acknowledge that these fine musicians are from Belgium! That is meant in the most positive way, mind you! Let me explain, the sound is truly very English and very Pink Floydísh, the production excellent!! So welcome to Belgium, by way of one of the most excellent progbands I have heard in years!! These guys most definitely goes to my list of the best prog albums/bands of the year 2014!!Expect to hear a release that could have been The Floyd album that got away (bar Gilmoursque guitar) Don’t wait for your Fish on Friday, go get it now, treat yourself!!
1 reviews
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