XPTs - Parachute Reborn

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XPTs - Parachute Reborn

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This is a great re birth and I will most certainly listen to it ever so often
(Updated: October 30, 2014)
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May 09, 2012
One of my favourite albums by Pretty Things (their later stuff) was always "Parachute" (and S.F.Sorrow) where they really hit the spot musically, well at least for yours truly and I really did not see it coming, that this minor masterpiece would be re-covered and indeed re-generated by the original band (Bar Phil May, the original singer)under the moniker XPTs (get it?). But great was my expectations and a bit of worry (would it be a great return, a fine revisit or an embarrassment to the band?) Well I am here to give my opinion of this release. Firstly, very nice cover art, in a nice cardboard case covering the jewel case and a lavish booklet (As usual with Esoteric releases) and artwork with hints to the original artwork! Now the music, as mentioned I have heard the original many many times and I love it! It is not per say progmusic, but it has that pop /psych vibe of the 70´ties and so does this new album, I find it quite wonderful that you can travel in time via audio ;-) I get that same feeling with the new reborn Parachute. It is very true to the original (of course it is!) sharp and brilliant vocal harmonies and some very delicious guitar playing (superb solo work)..so, you could ask: If It Aint Broke ???.. well yes and I had that thought too, but I guess its like any artist (author, painter or musician) looking back, what if I could do it over again ?! There are of course details of difference in almost each song, some more than others and there should be!

I am very impressed by the excellent harmony vocal arrangements and the overall band delivery, but mostly I am very impressed by Pete Tolson´s imaginative and expressive guitars through out!! So for new (young ) listeners whom naturally haven't got the faintest idea of Pretty Things´s body of work and indeed their existence, if you were at all intrigued by the above, then go on give these fine musicians a try! If you like what you hear ( and my guess is YOU WILL!) then do yourself a favour, find the original album and compare, its quite fun and Simultaneously you get to hear great music! Final words: This is a great re birth and I will most certainly listen to it ever so often (as I will the original) ...OH! I forget, there are even two new tracks, maybe slight out of context, but who am I, to turn down extra´s !!
1 reviews
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