Wild Turkey - Battle Hymn

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Wild Turkey - Battle Hymn

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Wild Turkey
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I quite like the whole album, the bluesy parts, the folk sequences and the rock tunes
(Updated: October 29, 2014)
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February 26, 2014
Every Tull freak and seventies record collector will know this band and their history by now, so a brief rundown ...founder and front figure of Wild Turkey Glenn Cornick /bass, was a former member of Jethro Tull (This Was/Stand Up/Benefit) and left after Benefit. Thus creating his own band. The more accurate and detailed history can be found in the always lavish and great booklets that Esoteric Recordings in all (well most) re-releases, now are famous for! In a long list of great re-mastered re-releases Esoteric finally got around to Wild Turkey which pleases this old geezer, I virtually grew up with the many greats (bands/musicians) from the seventies, ah those were the days! Listening to Wild Turkey (this being their debut album) again, takes me back! Times, productions and music were simpler those days, more spontaneous and obviously not that technical as opposed to these days and ages, where everything is possible in the studio! I remember buying this album on vinyl in the local radio store, being a Tull freak (still is) I just couldn't wait to hear what this offspring had to offer! Well then as now, I really like what I hear, as opposed to that other offspring from Tull : Bloodwyn Pig (founded by first Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams) which I didn't care much for! I am so glad that this album (and the second release) finally emerged in a superb re-mastered version, I love every minute of it! Yeah I know this is not prog, but it is Uk music history and in my book a superb chapter!

What? No fav TRACKS?! Yes and no, I quite like the whole album, the bluesy parts, the folk sequences and the rock tunes. Yes I am biased, so what?

I can hear you complain about the duration time, well yes those were the days and such were the normal time for an album, vinyl wise! Your choice really?!
1 reviews
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