Anyone´s Daughter - Anyone´s Daughter (Remaster)

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Anyone´s Daughter  - Anyone´s Daughter (Remaster)

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Anyone´s Daughter
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This fine band is sadly overlooked and underrated
(Updated: October 03, 2014)
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February 15, 2013
This fantastic German symphonic prog outfit finally gets the remaster treatment, this particular album were their second (despite the title)! I have always been very fond of this band and really didn't understand the low ratings some of the colleague sites have given them!! So now you get them sounding better than ever and not only that, you get three bonus live tracks!! Contrary to the other Anyone´s Daughter albums from that period, this one are in English (perfectly sung, no accent), the guys have a knack for beautiful keyboard underlined themes but also for twin guitar (think Wishbone Ash) ridden tunes, where Uwe Karpa (whom does all the guitarwork and excellently so!!) really let it rip!! In true period of time, this is top notch symphonic prog, lots of keyboards and truly great guitar playing, thundering precise bass and drums to concrete a firm base!! Add to that some fine lead vocals and great vocal harmonies. If this excellent band are new to you, then shame on you ! Do yourself a favor and check them out!! This fine band is sadly overlooked and underrated which really is a shame, to say the least!! In my honest opinion, those 6 albums from 1979 to 1984 surely belongs in every serious progheads private collection! But hey its not too late, since the good folks from Tempus Fugit, have seen fit to re-master/re-release the whole catalogue from Anyone´s Daughter. My fav tracks on this album: " Swedish Nights" a superb up-tempo progtune with some very smooth keyboard and guitar dual leads! "Thursday" a rather more rock orientated tune with (again) some excellent lead guitar (in the vein of Wishbone and Epitaph). "Moria" a tight tune with throbbing bass lines that carves the way for the guys to excel . "Enlightment" a beautiful song that could have been on one of Kayak´s first albums!

Well I don't really need to go on, this albums holds many great moments. Whats left for me to say, is GET IT or regret it!!
1 reviews
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