The Tangent - A Place In The Queue

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The Tangent - A Place In The Queue

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The Tangent
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Now this excellent album contains 7 tracks clocking in at almost 79:00 min.
(Updated: October 27, 2014)
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February 26, 2012
Third effort from i.m.o. brilliant The Tangent, has a somewhat different /new approach to it. Gone are Roine Stolt (Flower kings / Transatlantic etc.) on guitar. In comes fellow Sweede: Krister Jonsson (Karmakanic) on guitar. So how does he fare with these excellent musicians? Actually I think he is brilliant, sharing the duties with guest guitarist
Dan Watts (Parallel or 90 degrees).

First track on this fine album is “ In earnest” 20:03 min. with a slowly piano opening and a very laidback vocal, soon to become a complex arranged song with plenty of variation and time signatures. They even play with different musical styles - a jazzy interlude that made me think of Colosseum in their heyday, then suddenly there is a soothing flute/keyboard theme.

As with the 2 first fine albums, this British/Swedish combo makes fine music and they dare tread in musical territory such as prog (obviously), jazz, Canterbury, pop and soundtrack like themes. But still making it sound, like were it their special trademark!

And this my prog friend, is just the first track. Go figure!

Track 2, “Lost in London” 8:08 min. Really has that Caravan (the band) feel with some power chords thrown in. A superb track. I love it!

Track 3, “DIY surgery” 2:16 min. A powerful sax theme tune.

Track 4, “GPS culture” 10:07 min. Imagine ELP with vocal arrangements and superb guitars. (Yes, I know Greg Lake plays a fine guitar)...but hear this track, which by the way, takes a turn at the 6 min. mark.

Now this excellent album contains 7 tracks clocking in at almost 79:00 min. I believe it also comes in a special edition 2 CD package. CD2 containing 6 exclusive tracks written during the sessions of this fine album. So nothing left for me, but: BUY THIS GEM!
1 reviews
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