The Greatest Show On Earth - Horizons

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The Greatest Show On Earth - Horizons

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The Greatest Show On Earth
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A nice little album that should give pleasure for many aficionados of the genre and styles
(Updated: October 27, 2014)
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December 13, 2012
These guys sure got themselves a flashy name and a dangerous one at that (in the "arms" of a negative reviewer ..ha..ha)! This is not the greatest show..etc. but it is a damn good Jazz rock/prog album in the vein of early Chicago, but I also detect some Audience (another great UK band from the 70´) hints in there. This album has all the charms of early 70´ rock and prog, complete with Hammond, fuzz guitars, razor sharp chords, a brass section and the fine vocals of Colin Horton-Jennings whom also plays flute and acoustic guitar. Colin also is the main composer here. Title track "Horizons" are the epic here, clocking in at some 14: 02 minutes, with all the trimmings and variations that period of the UK music scene craved from a long epic tune. "Angelina" is a fine tune with some rather interesting brass sequences. " Day Of The Lady" is very English (meant in the most positive way) in its musical language, opening softly with mandolins and bringing in some spinette like keyboard, nice tune! "Real Cool World" yet another track that reminds me of Audience(though not as dark as Audience) but the vocals has that Howard Werth feel. "I fought For Love" has an intro with rushes of Hammond organ before diving into that very special 70´sounds (complete with electronic tampered psychedelic vocals) and the occasional outburst´s from the brass section. My mention early of the Chicago resemblance are to be taken lightly (this album is not stuffed with brass) it has quite a nice balance of guitar, bass, keyboards & drums with brass sequences here and there. A nice little album that should give pleasure for many aficionados of the genre and styles mentioned here. Now you get to hear it re-mastered on cd, with a fine booklet! The original vinyl album is very rare and will cost you a bundle! Esoteric have also seen fit to re-release and re-master their " The Going´s Easy" album (Which many favours over " Horizons") but for my money this is the best of the two!! Enjoy!!
1 reviews
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