Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance

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Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance

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CD: 73:33 - DVD: 112:59 - DVD: 95:33

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Excellent just excellent! The guys look happy and confident (as they should) while playing
(Updated: October 26, 2014)
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January 30, 2013
What an amazing package (right up there with IQ´s 30´th anniversary re-release, see review here on these pages) both in quantity and quality, this must own release holds a dvd (featuring 2 live concerts one from 3RP 2009 and one from Day Of Prog 2010) a live cd & a special features dvd (incl. interviews etc.) packed in a lavish cardboard gatefold box, with beautiful colored artwork and text booklet/poster. This is every serious progheads "wet dream" I kid you not!! I haven't heard Sygygy since they called themselves Witsend (1993) they were great then, now they are amazing!! This is top drawer progmusic and delivery, a real treat for both ears and eyes. Since the Witsend days, the band have expanded with 2 additional musicians, line-up being: Carl Baldasarre (Guitars& Vocals), Sam Giunta (Keyboards), Paul Mihacevich (Drums & Percussion), Al Rolick (Bass & Vocals) & Mark Boals (lead vocals) yes it is he of many many lead vocal performances, let me just mention a few: Eric Norlander, Lana Lane, Yngvie Malmsteen. The live dvd provides excellent visuals and the producer knows what to zoom in on and apparently knows the music (which is a rare thing in this business overall!) so we, the viewer get everything right there when needed! This is superb prog music by grown-ups, looking good while they deliver world class music !!

This is how I imagine perfect progmusic delivered live and it is there, right before my eyes (and ears) !! Excellent just excellent! The guys look happy and confident (as they should) while playing, the to me perfect concert (s)!! I guess the crowd, the fans, have a grin from ear to ear watching these brilliant shows! What a stroke of genius getting Mark Boals to do the lead vocals, it works brilliantly!! Actually he & the band together sounds sometimes uncanny like Saga (IMHO Canada´s greatest) but overall they are very much their own, both in music and style! This my dear friends are what I think is the old school prog of tomorrow (Did I just say that??)!! Right, they are almost re-inventing the genre and they do expand the old school border and then some! What a show, what a band, what a package!! This superb release comes highly recommended, it really doesn't get much better than this! A knockout for all senses! It is a MUST own!

A Glorious Disturbance indeed, what an amazing release!! GET IT NOW!!
1 reviews
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