Sophya Baccini´s Aradia - Big Red Dragon

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Sophya Baccini´s Aradia - Big Red Dragon

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Sophya Baccini´s Aradia
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It is quite an interesting release blending folk, rock and operatic voices (vocals) adding dark dram
(Updated: October 24, 2014)
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November 25, 2013
This is Sophya Baccini´s second release and this outing and band are indeed named after her debut album: Aradia. The elaborate and very grand booklet will tell the whole story, but in short, Sophya has a thing for William Blake (English poet, writer and artist/painter 1757-1827) and /or were inspired by William Blake to create this excellent album! It is quite an interesting release blending folk, rock and operatic voices (vocals) adding dark dramatic sequences and light beautiful themes to the whole, spiced with some really excellent guitars from Chicco Accetta and perfect intervals of solo violin by Stella Manfredi, not to mention the dramatic drums by Francesca Colaps, all topped by the magnificent voices of Sophya whom also delivers keyboards, synth bass and piano!! Sophya and band hails from Italy and the lavish booklet that comes with this album, has all the lyrics in both Italian and English, plus every each song has an individual William Blake illustration/picture. As booklets go, this is the way to do it, superb and beautiful!! You can learn something here, all you cheap " bastards" (read: Records companies) that brush us off with single sheet info on your releases and /or cardboard covers for your promo cd´s ! On rare occasions we reviewers get the cd in a plastic pocket, no info, no cover!! Well back to this fine release, this is highly recommended to all friends of musical drama, with excellent delivery from all involved, a superb production and yet another fine release from Black Widow Records!! BWR have a knack for finding some really great artists and I personally find it very refreshing that companies like BWR always deliver spanking new band/artist´s from their native land, for us prog freaks to discover and enjoy!! Hats off to BWR and four stars rating to Sophya & gang!! Dramatic, operatic, great and honest..thats how I hear this outing!! Intrigued? Go get it!!
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