Silhouette - Across The Rubicon

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Silhouette - Across The Rubicon

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Excellent vocal and harmonies on this album
(Updated: October 24, 2014)
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July 05, 2012
Title track from this Dutch group´s third release, has hints to Barclay James Harvest mid period, with beautiful vocals and lavish keyboard layers, acoustic guitars. But that soon chances to a darker and heavier setting, as opposed to heavy rocked, with the epic (one of 3, all clocking in at some 11 minutes plus!) tune: "Breathe" a superb composition with plenty of time signatures and breaks, changing from light to heavy, smooth and edgy including some towering guitar soli and keyboard ditto, this track brings to mind another fine Dutch progband Knight Area! These four musicians knows their stuff and they are not afraid to show it, great tune !! "Empty Places" a beautiful ballad, a hymn to a childhood hometown, seamlessly gliding into track 4: "When The Snow´s Falling Down" another fine song with a laidback feeling, yet with powerful sequences via some great keyboards and guitar and would you believe a children´s choir, beautiful ending!! "Anybody" the second 11 minute plus epic, opens a bit like a Pink Floyd / RPWL tune with great vocals on fine keyboard layers, broken by Hammond organ and power chord guitars, great stuff, again there are many time signatures and plenty enough breaks to keep this old prog head happy!! Excellent lead vocal (I cant really tell from whom, as three of these fine musicians are billed as lead vocalist´s) anyway great lead vocals with very good pronounced English. Another fine track on this great album, me like!! Mind you not that groundbreaking, but done with great self confidence and excellent delivery incl. great production!
"Grendel Memories" also a fine tune, with Silhouette´s blend of soft ballad like keys (mellotron?) and powerchord (no sign of heavy metal, luckily!!) guitars, solid base from drummer and bass player!

I cant forget the comparison to Barclay James Harvest, due to the excellent vocal and harmonies on this album, still BJH never had the musical balls Silhouette obviously has!! "Nothing" a love ballad of some sort, ending with the harsh words: " Your life means nothing!". Last but not least, the final epic "Don't Stop This Movie" a fine ending to a fine album, I was thoroughly entertained through the soundscapes of Silhouette´s third release and if you liked what you read above, I guess you will be too! Go on give it a try!!

Let me correct my earlier statement, I do know who´s singing on "Anybody", if I had taken the time to read the booklet, I would have noticed, that there are mention of to whom sings where!!

Oh, I must mention the fabulous cover art by Ed Unitsky !!
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