Majestic - Ataraxia

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Majestic - Ataraxia

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A Majestic release of an album
(Updated: October 18, 2014)
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April 24, 2012
Majestic has a grand and powerful sound, almost....ahem...majestic, as the opener "Disarray" proves in spades, plenty of power chords, hi-flying lead guitar and soaring keys ! "Faceless" pulls the brakes on tempo, for a dark and sinister theme that sneaks upon you and eventually reveals the brilliant vocals and voice of Jessica Rasche, excellent track. Almost cinematic orchestral music opens track 3 : "Wither" , acoustic guitars comes creeping along with the beautiful voice of Jessica, a very beautiful tune that could have been from Glass Hammer or RenaissanceĀ“s songbook (that meant in the most positive way!) and then thereĀ“s the ever excellent guitaring of Jeff Hamel, all a perfect match for creating superb music ;-)..which I already now can tell you, this fine album is filled with!! Apparently there are 3 former albums by this fabulous band, this is my first acquaintance and I will most certainly check out the earlier stuff!! "Star Bound" has a sort of keyboard "techno" intro , then heavy chords and settling down a bit..dare I say it ?...funky ( in a good way) again fine vocal and instrumental delivery. The overall audio picture on this album, are based on keys, but there some really fine and stunning guitar work here as well! The music changes between calm soothing folk related ballad-like tunes, to the more heavy thundering sequences (not that metal mind you!) and that mix work wonders for Majestic!! As the title would suggest "Astral Dream" are somewhat spacey instrumental rock, space prog if you will, but with excellent delivery and feel! Perhaps its time to mention Jeff Hamel, who is the mastermind of this fine music, he not only plays the fabulous guitars herein, he also masters several other instruments and compose the music as well, what great talent!! "Dance of The Elders" bares prove to former sentences, a magic instrumental track with fine dual guitars (Wishbone Ash-like) heading the theme. "Takes My Breath Away" an epic track (14: 14 min.) again the modern folk rock-like theme turns up, with splendid vocals from Jessica and some really excellent musical landscape, soaring keyboard washes and sky high guitar soloing, this is great stuff!! "Altered State" another fine instrumental tune, with superb guitar theme to the fore (do I hear a talk box in there somewhere?) building and growing power as you listen, oops not quite instrumental this...the wonderful voice of Jessica creeps in late and that works fine! Sound effects as in a concert theater (people talk and mingle) bridge this track to the last tune: " Reflections" acoustic guitars and laidback male/female vocals almost silently sneaks their way into the synth solo, a laid back ballad, what a nice way to end a perfect album!!

Recommended to all lovers of great music, folk/prog friends will wanna hear this fine album and the rest of you, if you liked any of the above sentences !? Then go get it, give it a whirl, my guess is, everyone likes this album!! For the fellow reviewer who mentioned resemblance to Yes and Genesis! I just dont hear that at all!! This is high powered folk rock/progressive music top drawer!! A Majestic release of an album ;-)
1 reviews
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