Hi Fiction Science - Curious Yellow

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Hi Fiction Science - Curious Yellow

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This is strange (in a good way) but wonderful Science
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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May 22, 2014
This is strange (in a good way) but wonderful Science, this fine quintet originally formed in 2007 hails from Bristol . "Curious Yellow" is their second album and it has deep roots in English folk/folk rock tradition music wise, especially the voice of lead singer (and guitarist) Maria Charles, which is often hauntingly beautiful and remind this reviewer of Celia Humfries (Trees) or even Judy Dyble (Trader Horne) while the four guys backing the whole thing up, refrains somewhat from old school traditional (but not entirely)folk rock - spicing the music up with so called electronica tendencies and a bit of psychedelica here and there!! It is indeed an album that grows and grows at every spin, as if your every return pressing the play button feeds and gives energy to the music!! A modern folk rock album if you like (and you will, if you are inte said genre´s) that comes highly recommended from this reviewer! Duration time here are well under an hour, but hey who cares when the material here is that good.

My fav tracks in no particular order: "Digitalis" / "Curious Yellow" / "Magpies (Against The Sun)" . I urge you to be curious about this release!!
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