Heylel - Nebulae

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Heylel - Nebulae

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I for one would like to hear more from this Portugese trio
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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June 12, 2014
Heylel hails from Portugal and this album are a strange (in a good way) mix of genre´s, the opener has a certain Floydian vibe to it, a sneaking beautiful instrumental. Then, if you can imagine follows tracks that has sequences of Uk trad. Folkmusic, a bit of Goth and some rock with spices of prog! They create some quite interesting and at times beautiful music with that excellent female lead vocal in front of their well delivered musicianship! What springs to mind is that they have the audacity to do cover versions of: "The Sage" by Greg Lake (from ELP´s "Pictures at an Exhibition") and " I talk To The Wind" By McDonald & Sinfield (from the first and brilliant King Crimson album!) ..yes I kid you not!! So how do they fare with that, you might ask?! Well they are true to the origin and of course the vocals are that of a female ( Heylel´s lead singer Ana Batista) and she does a fine job all over and the mentioned tracks are fine, no more no less!! Personally I prefer the original tracks anytime, but hey they tried and that tells something about their confidence. That said, the cover versions sit well and blends fine with the rest of the album. Other than Ana Batista on Vocals, Filipe Braga plays drums and Narciso delivers guitars, bass and keyboards and finely so! It is an album that grows on you and I have no problem with recommending it to friends of mentioned styles and genres. Oh and it comes in a fine cardboard cover, with an even finer booklet holding great artwork images and lyrics (of all the original Heylel songs)!! I for one would like to hear more from this Portugese trio.
1 reviews
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