Cliffhanger - Cold Steel (Re-mastered & Expanded)

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Cliffhanger - Cold Steel (Re-mastered & Expanded)

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disc 1: 68:48 disc: 2: 71:20

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Cliffhanger and Freia Music certainly deserves your attention, so what are you waiting for?
(Updated: October 08, 2014)
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September 25, 2013
I have heard of Cliffhanger, but never heard them, so this is a very welcome re-release with the added bonus of 13 previously unreleased tracks !! The fairly new (to me) record company Freia Music , has luckily seen fit to re-release this fine album and other fine products. Not only that they (Freia) have a codex: "Freia Music is a non commercial music label specialized in releasing top quality progressive rock products, 25 % of all proceeds go to: The Children With A Challenge Foundation". What a nice humane gesture along with the fact that they favour progmusic!! So we are off to a very good positive start!! "Cold Steel" Cd 1 Cliffhangers debut album, have been out of print for some time, so here´s your (and my) chance to hear it re-mastered, it falls under the moniker Neo Prog (Oldschool) in the early Genesis style mostly. It has some excellent keyboards by founder Dick Heijboer, eminent and dominant on almost every track, also some nice guitars here and there and a firm base of Chris Squire like bass and fine drums! Singer and guitarist Rinie Huigen has a voice that sometimes resemblance that of one Mr. Gabriel. Most certainly an album for friends of Retro, Neo prog & Oldschool plenty of great tunes to sink your musical teeth into and with the added bonus of 2 tracks! Some of the tracks here are very dramatic, dark and/or sinister if you like, I really like that !!

Cd 2 consist of more bonus tracks- 11 to be precise, as mentioned never before released on cd ! The quality varies here, but there are many good tracks to be had, so all in all this double package will most certainly please most of you out there whom liked the former words and sentences! Good value for your money, with 2 and a ½ hours of neo prog !! Cliffhanger and Freia Music certainly deserves your attention, so what are you waiting for?
1 reviews
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