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The Tangent -Proxy
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January 22, 2019
This is an amazing album which combines just about every element of progressive rock including many facets of jazz orientated rock and wondrously steeped with twists and turns galore. However, it is far from being a ragbag mish-mash of different rock concepts, it is, without doubt, a really well thought out and structured masterpiece of solid all-around musicality. The whole affair is perfectly engineered and executed with abundant pace, the flow of which takes many surprising twists and turns both instrumentally and vocally. The overall sound is just so exceedingly cool with various combinations of lead instrument seemingly queuing up in order to contribute to the mix. The complex arrangements encompass exceedingly smart time changes with varying layers of instrumental interchange all carried out with much style and panache by a group of superbly gifted musicians.

There is, in my opinion, a distinctly unique seventies UK feel about the entire album with a definite nod (but maybe not intended) towards ‘Catapilla, Bob Downs and Fusion Orchestra’. Certainly, above all, there is a lovely atmospheric feel which abounds around both the music and the absorbing vocals, especially the wonderful flurries of heavy organ which in themselves transport you back in time. Definitely, the engine room behind the pacey progressive delivery is the imposing drumming which combines bundles of energy with superb technique. And then furthermore carefully integrated among the ever-changing layers of intense climatic music are thrilling bursts of synthesizer’ adding yet another stratum of musical enterprise to the astoundingly clever orchestration.

Cleverly interwoven within the body of each of the six lengthy tracks are some ingenious, interesting and well delivered poignant lyrics. But whilst the quality of the singing can be considered to be quite ordinary there is so much variety about the way the vocals are projected that the resultant lyrical sound it lifted to great heights.

Summary: An interesting extremely comprehensive slice of melodic progressive rock with periods of jazz-rock leanings.

Artwork: I could be wrong but based on the sampler issue and unlike the album itself the artwork is quite lacking in style.

The Tangent – “Proxy” (01:06:56)
1. Proxy (16:07)
2. The Melting Andalusian Skies (08:51)
3. A Case of Misplaced Optimism (06:13)
4. The Adulthood Lie (16:06)
5. Supper’s Off (09:54)
6. Excerpt From “Excerpt From “Exo-Oceans” (10:25)

Andy Tillison (Po90/Kalman Filter) Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Composer
Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings/Steve Hackett Band) Bass Guitar
Theo Travis (Soft Machine/Travis-Fripp) Sax & Flute
Luke Machin (Maschine/Francis Dunnery Band)- Guitar
Steve Roberts (ex Magenta/Godsticks) - Drums
With special guest: Goran Edman (Karmakanic, ex Yngwie Malmsteen band)
- Vocals

From Tangent’s Website:-
The Tangent's 10th studio album will be released by Insideout in November this year. Entitled "Proxy" it's a single CD and Vinyl - a riot of juxtopposing styles, presented in a really direct manner and despite being firmly rooted in the stylistic traits of the Progressive Rock Genre takes some unexpected turnoffs and a major swerve.
Recorded during the band's tour with Karmakanic in 2017/18 - there were more chances than normal to work together on the record - hotel writing sessions, van discussions, soundcheck ideas - all of which have allowed the band to make an album that is organic and as close to being that band, as has happened to the group of far flung members since they began their career 15 years ago.

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