Lazleitt - On The Brink

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Lazleitt - On The Brink

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November 06, 2018
“On The Brink” is an altogether grandiose symphonic soundscape of epic proportions. This delightful progressive rock project is seamlessly assembled in one thirty seven minute long track combining a musical gathering of ten distinctly separate but interconnecting sections The continuity and flow of the music dictates that the order of the project be played in this manner, rather than spliced up, and certainly the decision to fuse all of the sections together into one single track makes perfect sense from a listening perspective.

With an abundance of melodic charm the music takes you on one long colourfal voyage through many varying soundscapes, rather like a river wending its way across different geographical expanses. Such an analogy fits well in describing the extensive range of scenic moods that are integrated into the construction of the musical arrangements both in terms of tempo and time changes,

On first listening, one might be excused into thinking that this is a predominantly guitar orientated symphonic offering. However, there is much more to be discovered with successive plays. Firstly, the interconnecting bridges between the various sequences that are all interlaced with beautifully administered keyboard and sumptuous bass guitar passages. Secondly there are many interludes integrated in the mix where the keyboards and other instruments hold sway and periodically come to the fore including a wonderfully exquisite flute passage. All of these transitions and interludes are delivered with panache and varying degrees of intensity to suit the different mood requirements of the music.
The incredible competency of the drumming too deserves special mention which in the main is highly complex in terms of many varying time signatures and styles even including a passage or two venturing on Celtic sensibilities. Very special throughout and certainly well worth following in isolation.
One though cannot lose sight of the stunning guitar contributions which in all truth are the fundamental corner stone of this album. Indeed the musical script for this instrument takes us through a vast multitude of different guitar stylizations which wrap together wonderfully well, fuzz guitar interlaid with classical arrangements which in turn are submerged with more intense heavy rock riffing all in all forming myriads of melodic and interesting crescendos of sound.
The multi-tracking vocal aspects are well put together and nicely assembled with a great harmonic catchy hook line. Maybe if any criticism could be levied it would be that a female voice could have been added to provide more spectral width from a choral perspective.

Summary: All in all an easy top score album which is both interesting, instrumentally immense and an album which flies high the flag of progressive rock.

Band Line-Up:
Alex Lazcano - guitars, bass, keyboard, vocals
Jorge Cortes Cuyas - drums, percussion
John Pomeroy - flute
Eric Gillette - guest lead guitar

CD Track Listing
1. On The Brink (37:12)
I.Intro: The Doorway
II.Tangential Wisdom
III.The First Trail
IV.The Flame (On The Brink)
V.Beyond The Door There Is No Pain
VI.The Second Flam
VII.Spinning Clocks
VIII.The Eighth Paradigm
IX.The Riddle
X.Parallel Dreams
XI.The Second Trail
XII.Through The Gates Of Life
XIII.Finale: Memories Of A Battle

Further Information supplied by Lazleitt an eclectic Progressive Rock musical project by Washington, DC songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist Alex Lazcano, in collaboration with seasoned drummer Jorge Cortes Cuyas, & special guests. Lazleitt is a portmanteau of Lazcano & Light.
About the album:
Lazleitt’s debut album On The Brink consists of one long epic track clocking in at thirty seven minutes and twelve seconds, seamlessly divided in thirteen movements. The track runs the gamut in styles, dynamics, mood, tempo, time signatures, and key changes. The album was written, arranged, and produced by Alex Lazcano, with drum arrangements written and recorded by Jorge Cortes Cuyas. The album is the result of stream-of-consciousness writing, resulting in one continuous piece of music with recurring themes and motifs. Cuyas’ input was crucial determining the direction of the music, written and arranged by Alex Lazcano. The album features guitar virtuoso Eric Gillette on lead guitar, who also mixed and mastered it, and musician/songwriter John Pomeroy on flute.
Influences for the album:
The Beatles, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Eloy, Transatlantic, Ayreon, David Bowie, Neal Morse, Jethro Tull, Marillion.

Lazleitt (pronounced Laz-light) is an eclectic progressive rock musical project conceived by Washington, DC songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Lazcano, in collaboration with drummer Jorge Cortes Cuyas, flautist John Pomeroy, and special guests. The name ‘Lazleitt’ is a portmanteau of ‘Lazcano’ and ‘light’. Lazleitt’s music is described as progressive rock, sometimes combined with styles or genres such as folk, classical, medieval, experimental, and hard rock.

Alex Lazcano writes the music and the lyrics, sings, and plays most of the instruments on Lazleitt’s debut album ‘On The Brink’. Jorge Cortes Cuyas’ lush drum arrangements were crucial on determining the flow and direction of the music, and are of utmost importance of the album’s sound. Alex reached out to up and coming progressive rock guitar virtuoso Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, and solo artist), who contributed lead guitar parts to the album, and also mixed and mastered it.
Lazleitt’s next step is establishing itself in the progressive rock world, and bridging the gap to music fans who favor other genres and musical interests. Future Lazleitt releases will include many more guest musicians and collaborators. “Lazleitt was conceived as a blank canvas, open to diverse musical ideas and collaborations bundled up to create an eclectic sound within the progressive rock realm, without losing sight of the ‘rock’ component”. - Alex Lazcano (guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals).
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