Materdea - Pyaneta

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Materdea - Pyaneta

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Celtic Inspired Metal
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September 03, 2018
This is indeed a saccharine infused album with multitudes of immensely jovial harmonic feminine sing along vocal lines set within a substantial accompaniment of full on heavy metal riffing and Celtic violin stylizations. Certainly too throughout the ten tracks there is a mammoth amount of instrumentally engineered pace and excitement injected into the main body of the music. Without doubt the purpose being to induce intense audience participation whether it be at a gig or just being played alone with other likeminded individuals.

On first play there seems to be a vague similarity spread about the construction of the tracks and it is only with further spins that more of an appreciation is gained as to the subtle variances in riffing arrangements and more particularly the presence of violin and cello which is extremely well integrated into the score and adds interesting focal points to the music. However, for me, the album really only sprung into life onwards from the track entitled ‘Neverland’ (5) whereupon the mood of the music fully erupted into a full on Celtic inspired guise. It actually made me wonder if the recording had been spread over two isolated sessions engineered some months apart because the separation between the various instruments and voices became brighter and more distinguishable. The female vocals up to that point had, in my opinion, been overpowered and the impetus of Celtic instruments lost amongst the heavy riffing on the earlier tracks.

A quick scour through the music clips on ‘YouTube’ suggest that primarily ‘Materdea’ are an exciting and energetic Celtic metal band working their audience to frenzied heights of extreme euphoria. Comprising a seven piece band of mysteriously swathed yet good looking male and female musicians all graced with an amazing stage presence. There is no doubt that this is a ‘fun to watch’ band I do however get the impression that their albums are purely fuel to feed the flames of a show business stage attitude fire.

Summary: Melodic Celtic inspired heavy riffing metal but predictable in terms of vocal direction and overall musicality.

Artwork:Based On Press Release Only -Colourfal and atmospheric.

Line Up:
Simon Papa : Vocals
Marco Strega : Guitars.
Chiria Manueddu.
Morgan De Virgilis : Bass Guitar
Camillia D’Onofri:Violin
Giulia Subbu :Violin
Carlos Cantatore : Drums

01. Back To Earth
02. The Return of the King
03. One Thousand and One Nights
04. Pyaneta
05. Neverland
06. S'Accabadora
07. The Legend of the Pale Mountains
08. Legacy of the Woods
09. Coven of Balzaares
10. Metamorphosis (Bonus Track CD version only)
11. Bourrè del Diavolo
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