Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal - Anpther World

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Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal - Anpther World

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Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal
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An interesting album
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July 06, 2018
Subtle atmospheric music of the night was my first reaction as the sound hit my hi-fi speakers. A programme of music which, for me. summons up images of both dark foreboding, uncertainty, and the anxiety of a bustling city swathed in the misty moonlight mixed with the somber orange glow of low pressure sodium street lighting illuminating meanacing shadows moving in the darkness. So you would, by this opening statement, already appreciate that this is an instrumental album full of atmospheric presence and subtlety, the kind of music that all so could easily find its way onto film soundtracks.
Apparently it was a chance meeting that brought ‘Henry Fool’ bassist ‘Colin Edwin’ (Formally ‘Porcupine Tree’) and experimental guitarist ‘Robert Jürjendal’ (Formally UMA and Slow Electric) together and subsequently the routes to forming a partnership, the band line up was completed with the induction of Ian Dixon on trumpet and Isak Nygaard on electronics
Containing nine distinctive tracks the music follows a ragged series of avant-garde patterns comprising a conglomeration of mostly cool jazz with a distinctly ambient new age feel. It is expertly delivered within a mixed background of percussive electronic proliferations, multitudes of ingenious bass runs which are then further embellished with touches of well-considered imaginative guitar and exclamation’s of haunting trumpet providing infusions of discordant melody to the proceedings.
The level of technical expertise is without doubt the consequence of having a group of master craftsman at work both in the delivery of the music and in the complexities of the compositional assembly. The superb combinations of all four elemental contributions marry together extremely well and with the distinct impression that there was much enjoyment to be had laying down these tracks,
The lead instrument could well be considered to be the trumpet which might seem strange seeing as the original collaboration is between bassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Robert Jürjendal. But of course the engine room of the band is in fact these two guys who busily provide the linking passages and the bedrock to which the music is fused. The electronics provide the percussive element and once again the bass guitar is engineered to add depth and panasche to assist in the time keeping arrangements.
There is, without doubt, a certain uniqueness about the music but which may well limit its appeal to just those aficionados of experimental jazz and jazz rock.

Summary: An interesting album of off beat jazz influenced music

Artwork: Nice colourfal design, but with limited information.

1. Blue Mint
2. Sancho Panza.
3. Memories of Sand.
4. Another World.
5. Hybrid Horizons.
6. Frozen Fields
7. Dance of Kaia (Earth)
8. Tightrope Walk.
9. My Stand
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