Carptree - Man Made Machine

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Carptree - Man Made Machine

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Yes, my little prog friends, the Swedes have done it again
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
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February 29, 2012
Yes, my little prog friends, the Swedes have done it again, another fine prog band comes out of the cold north. This is their third outing and although I haven't heard the previous two, I must say that I am pleasantly (understatement?) surprised! It's laidback beautiful themes blend well into the more powerfully built songs. As it were, it seems that Carptree are first and foremost: Nicklas Flinck: Vocals, Carl Westholm : Piano, synthesizer, vocoder and theremin (whatever that might be?) Aided by friends No Future Orchestra - Ulf Edelonn: All guitars, bass, Jejo Perkovic: Drums, Stefan Fandén & Jan Hellman: Bass, Jonas Waldefeldt: Percussion, and Tronstadt & Backman: Background vocals, plus Trollhattans chamber choir.

And I'll tell you right now, this is a masterpiece. Flinck & Westholm have created a real gem that will stay with you, long after you've listened to it! Mind you, my copy hasn't left my CD player since I've got it! Thanx to my prog mate Leo, who gave me this superb album!

First of all, I must mention the brilliance of vocalist Nicklas Flinck. He is a one man wonder. One moment he sounds like Gabriel (Peter, that is!) the next, his phrasing is uncanny like that of Robert Wyatt. Sometimes his vocals are close to Dave Cousins (Strawbs)..and last, but not least, there is a striking resemblance to the great art rock band City Boy when all vocalists set in (Choir).

That said, I really have to mention the beautiful music, which mostly is keyboard ridden and I might add in a very beautiful way! Westholm really has something to offer, one beautiful theme after another stands in line to get your attention!

Blend the above with the No Future Orchestra input and you have a superb brilliant new prog album brimming with wonderful themes and dramatically flowing tones and sometimes with weird interludes. I love that circus-like accordion piece! Well this is the stuff that real prog music is made of! So there you have it. Its kinda "You think you heard it all before but not like this you haven't!" And that is meant in the most positive way !! GET THIS GEM!!
1 reviews
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