Dobbeltgjenge - Limbohead

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Dobbeltgjenge - Limbohead

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March 19, 2018
Looking at the pedigree of “Dobbeltgjenge” with their infinite Scandinavian band connections to ‘Major Parkinson’, ‘Ossicles’, ‘Depresno’ and ‘9 Grader Nord’ one is immediately curious as to the nature of ‘Limbohead’ which is their second released album. After several plays I can conclude that, for me, it is a bit of a mixed bag with no definite foot in any particular rock style switching between swathes of sleazy sounding heavy rock that has a slight progressive edge through to elements of latter day punk.

There is though a certain infectiousness about the entire proceedings with oodles of crisp rhythmic jangling guitar upon which are overlaid bursts of tasty lead guitar and alternate fills of explosive riffing.

The vocals too mostly follow a similar mixed-bag approach ranging from energetic exultations to periods of an almost soul inspired output. It is not as if the vocal side of things is limited, no quite the opposite in fact, because I rather suspect that the aim of the band was to try and fully integrate, the vocals into the body of the music rather than the music be a platform for the vocals.

I found picking out the individual bass lines a bit of a problem to fully identify but, there again, the fully charged energetic drumming really does push the music forward and create an exciting platform upon which the other musicians can strut their stuff.

The lyrics are certainly interesting and according to the press release notes ‘Dobbeltgjenger’ draw their inspiration from a whole host of subject matter ranging from astronauts lost in space to old video games, But whether such subject matter is sufficiently available to the band raises a question because the album clocks in at a disappointing 30 minutes which for me does not exactly represent the best value for money in an age when most CDs exceed at least 45 mins.

Also, besides the short duration, I am not sure whether the music is sufficiently interesting for me to go out and purchase the album, it is exciting, no doubt, but lacks refinement and panache for the progressive market, I would though absolutely go and see them live as you can sense they are tight working unit and I think they would come into their own in an ‘on stage’ environment.

Summary: A fairly rag bag mixture of different rock styles with some progressive moves but at a disappointing 30 minutes long it would not feature on my wish list.

Artwork: In my opinion not at all inspired.

Track list
1. Tin Foil Hat
2. Calling Tokyo
3. Like Monroe
4. Locking My Doors
5. Swing
6. In Limbo
7. Keep’em Coming
8. Radio
9. Mangrove

Line Up.
Vegard Wikne (Ocean of Lotion) on guitars and vocals, Sondre Veland (Major Parkinson, Ossicles) Deums
Jakob Sønnesyn (Depresno, 9 Grader Nord) Bass
Knut-Martin Langeland Rasmussen on additional guitars.

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