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ARS Provita
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Symphony with a message
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February 28, 2018
This complex symphonic progressive rock project is the collective workings of talented Brazilian musicians and brothers Luis Fernando and Paulo José Venegas. They are, very much the champions of humanitarian issues and have utilised their poems about such concerns in respect to world problems and particularly the freedom of speech which they have integrated with their true passion for music. This combination of which has then been the inspiration for this album.

Fusing together combinations of guitar and keyboard structured rhythmic patterns with computer enhanced orchestral effects they have generated the basic musical foundations for this album. Subsequently then infused within the body of the music are the mostly spoken or even whispered lyrical projections spelling out facets of the storyline subject matter. "Minor" is an album with a powerful message about the seeking of freedom. Such scenarios of course are prevalent today particularly with the transportation of refugees from war torn countries. But although the music, from a lyrical aspect, carries a strong message it is the actual music which is of interest here and central to the purpose of this review.

Clearly the musical arrangements are the result of ingenious multitasking involving a multitude of different instruments played by Luis and Paulo with the addition of computer enhanced classical string arrangements and charming choral effects. The whole affair is beautifully layered with time changes galore and full of melody and symphonic drama. In parts it could certainly be part of some magnificent modern day orchestral philharmonic performance. It is though hard sometimes to separate what is computer generated and what is instrumentally and physically played, but it really doesn't matter as it is the overall sound in terms of the final production what counts. What can be determined are oodles of lovely treated guitar sections very much Floydian in style and pace with some glorious keyboards and piano interspersions. There are too several changes in musical style, not quite crossing quite over into the jazz rock field but almost and then the odd foray into Western ballad territory.

Such complications of studio recording techniques obviously restrict the ability of the two brothers from playing live without the injection of other musicians to form a band but maybe this is an area of deliberation. I noticed that In September, 2017 the album was released, to an audience in a movie theatre, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Summary: An interesting studio production creating some nice symphonic progressive rock. The lyrical content whilst prevalent could limit the number of times in which you might listen to the album.

Artwork: A very comprehensive package
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