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RMP - For The Light

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Light and shade
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January 15, 2018
“For the light” is the debut album by keyboardist Ivan Rozmainsky and Vladimir Mikhaylov under the moniker “RMProject” which was released in October 2017. This kind of avant-garde progressive rock music is just not easy to fully get to grips with, well certainly on first play that is, because it takes a while to gain some semblance of understanding as to exactly what the composers had in mind here during the construction of the various pieces. A clue might be found in their press release, where they state that the goal of the album is to “reveal how to protect peace of mind in the conditions of troubles and stress”. Certainly the arrangements are made up of a series of complex instrumental patterns which shift between periods of light and shade or really I should say changes between joyful melodic bridges and dark discordant foreboding. From my own listening point of view I felt distinctly a bit uneasy when the promise of a beautiful harmonic passage of music was suddenly de-constructed into a plethora of discordant note arrangements.

Interesting and challenging as it might be for the listener, the content of the album drifts between contrasting aspects of progressive rock music fusing together that which is experimental with solid moments of more standard keyboard and guitar interactions. Every now and then, tucked nicely amid the flurries of keyboard and other sounds emerge interesting and quite soulful dispatches’ of clarinet. The drumming is quite amazing and without doubt a veritable lesson is given here in percussive technique, the time keeping and application is quite breathtaking for pieces of music so varied and complicated in terms of tempo. Generally, the cornerstone of the music is centered on that generated from the keyboards department with the multiple changes in direction, tone and pace. The impressive lead guitar certainly plays a massive part in contributing to the overall deployment of sound and textures employed by the band. I couldn’t help but think that much of the music and the various atmospheric moods captured on this album could well be utilized in respect to film sound tracks.
These guys are superb musicians and there is much here to applaud from a musicality aspect. However, not wishing to sound too negative and because of the high percentage of music being of an experimental nature I can see that its overall appeal, from a commercial angle, might be challenged,

Summary: Not an easily accessible album due to its very experimental nature with its multiple time changes that would probably appeal more to those aficionados of Henry Cow, Soft Machine etc.,

Artwork: Reasonable artwork and information,

Line up

Yurii Groiser – drums
Vladimir Mikhaylov – guitar; bass; drill [2]
Leonid Perevalov – bass clarinets and clarinets
Ivan Rozmainsky – Klaviphon [5], [6]; Virus TI2 and other keyboards

with thanks to:

Natalia Fyodorova – gusli
Anastasia Mikhaylova – voices

1. Wounded by the Lack of Light 02:16
2. Keep No Thou Silence 02:56
3. A Dedication to the Floydian Sun 04:00
4. Create in Me a Clean Heart 04:41
5. The Thing in The Light 03:14
6. Dancing Through the Twilight 03:05
7. Delivered From the Snare of the Fowler 03:54
8. Irish Shine 02:51
9. Coming of the Troubled Waters 05:48
10. A Flower in the Smoke 04:42
11. For The Light 10:35 about

"After repeated listening to For The Light, I must admit that it is a really suspenseful and original album that may come with some small weaknesses like maybe the occasional lack of focus, but all in all I applaud the musicians’ uninhibited take at progressive rock. There are all kinds of sub-genres like chamber prog, avant prog, retro prog and psychedelia mixed into this fascinating entity that manages to feel like a musical fairy tale".

"For The Light is a very fascinating album by Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project. The first track, after a melodic intro, turns more and more into a free jazz fusion piece tha allows the band to show its multiple talents. It is followed by the most accessible track of the album ''Keep No Thou Silence'' that would not be out of place on some of Pat Metheny's jazzier albums. Next we get ''A Dedication to the Floydian Sun'' that explores more ambient moods. The rest of the album continues on this path, alternating moods and textures but still while keeping a common link between the pieces. In fact in my opinion, For The LIght feels... more credits released

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