Long Distance Calling - Boundless

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Long Distance Calling - Boundless

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Long Distance Calling
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A boundless energetic instrumental
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January 10, 2018
A powerfully precise and well-ordered set of eight instrumental progressive rock compositions set to be released on the 2nd February 2018. The whole affair, comprises of a varied mixture of older progressive rock styles intermingled with odd bursts of aggressive modern day heavy guitar riffing. All in all it is superbly layered, well-constructed music project fused together in a totally seamless fashion. In a sense it struck me that all of the individual pieces must have been meticulously calculated, exactly worked out, honed together and assembled in the same way that a classical music score is derived. I don’t want anyone to think that this is just a set of tunes laid down in regimented fashion, so It is important at this point to clarify that, in my opinion, a great deal of care, time and patience has been expanded in getting the musical arrangements for each individual track absolutely perfect and to the complete satisfaction of the band members before committing to the studio recording aspect. In a sense not unlike the kind of intense development undertaken maybe by the likes of ‘Steely Dan’.
Generally the music takes the form of a series of ever-changing keyboard / guitar pulses which gradually buildup in the background and upon which later float infectious various counter rhythmical bass, violin and lead guitar diversions. Amongst the guitar riffing and loop like keyboard pulses there is certainly no lacking in the delivery of melodic intervention as throughout the entire album there are many interesting sorties of breakaway guitar, keyboard sequences and with little bursts of electronic adornments much interest is created to enhance the multiple stacked musical arrangements.
It is actually quite fascinating the amount of variation contained within these eight tracks and so much more is uncovered with successive plays particularly the very busy drumming style holding everything firmly in place.
Whilst it is a pretty unique sounding album some acknowledgement would, I guess, be due to the likes of Tangerine Dream and Rush where there were some distinct comparisons.

Summary: A fast moving interesting instrumental album combining well the melodic aspects of a progressive past with the modern heavy riffing style of today.

Artwork: A well designed and comprehensive booklet.

Out There 09:13
Ascending 04:59
In The Clouds 06:00
Like A River 04:56
The Far Side 05:45
On The Verge 06:02
Weightless 06:56
Skydivers 05:32

Total duration: 49:23

David Jordan - guitar
Florian Füntmann -guitar
Janosch Rathmer - drums
Jan Hoffmann – bass
Keyboards and Electronic Interventions ?
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